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Tenzin Joy-I love it and think it's beautiful but a Tibetan first name and an Irish last name just sound strange together, plus I don't think DH would go for it.   Saoirse-it's Irish so it would go with our last name but I couldn't give a child a name that hardly anyone would be able to pronounce.  I grew up with a last name no one could pronounce and I hated it.
My DD is two and she loves going for nature walks.  We sometimes bring a box and pick up leaves, pine cones, sticks and rocks we find interesting.   She also does a lot of finger painting, mostly in the bath tub where I can clean it up easily.  We talk a little bit about what colors mix together to make other colors.  We have alphabet and number magnets on the fridge so she gets used to how they look, sometimes we make words with them-we also have foam ones for the...
Hmmm, we did a lot of these at my high school (went to one those schools with crazy school spirit weeks, lol).  The ones I remember are Toga Day (wrap up in a sheet over one shoulder), decade days (60s, 70s, 80s, etc), and movie/book character days.  HTH!
My DD loves bacon for breakfast, we get the good nitrate-free kind from our local health food store.  Also, Sausage, we love the apple chicken kind from Trader Joe's-so yummy!
One of the things that really helped me when I went off sugar for awhile was to fry a banana in coconut oil, it's very sweet and totally helped with the sweet cravings.  I also gave myself permission for a couple of weeks to eat other things I enjoy (ie Dubliner cheese, pepperoni, olives, capers, etc) without too much limit.  I totally got rid of the sweet craving in about a week and was fine after that.
I wouldn't worry about it.  They didn't tell me I had wean and our daughter who is over 2.  They just told us to wipe her teeth off after nursing her :)
We've taken our daughter to see Michelle Stafford at World of Smiles and we really liked her.  They have a totally kid friendly office and were very good with our daughter.  It's in Beaverton, so it might be a little bit of a drive.  I'm not sure how much alternative treatment they do, but they didn't push to have our daughter's cavities filled right away and recommended behavioral and dietary changes we could do to slow down any decay.  They would probably be willing to...
I used to work in a store that sold nursing bras and I remember my boss saying to one pregnant woman "Get the epidural, the kid will be exposed to enough drugs later on that it really won't make a difference." She was kind of joking but she did seriously believe that all women should get epidurals for child birth. I was 21 at the time and had no opinion on natural child birth either way, but now it makes me sad that she gave that she gave that sort of advice to so many...
I'm not pregnant now so I'm sort of forum-crashing but when I was pregnant. I told my friend we wouldn't circumcising if the baby turned out to be a boy and she said "Well, maybe you should because he might do it himself." (as in circumcise himself) . Ironically this comment actually made me more anti-circ because I couldn't imagine a person who would willingly cut off a piece of their genitalia.
I think I remember reading that you could take high doses of Vitamin C before vaxing. I think it's supposed to be detoxifying. So maybe she could bring Sodium Ascorbate with her and give it to bowel tolerance a couple days before and after the shots? I would also post in the Health and Healing forum, there are some smart people over there who would know more. (Also, in the resources sticky there's more info about Sodium Ascorbate-it's amazing stuff )
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