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No, it doesn't cover the whole bed. The ones I have are meant for children so its' sized for their beds.  Maybe a 3 foot square?
We're going on 10 weeks now and still leaking like crazy...I'm so tired of sheets and clothing being wet all the time.   I use one of those mattress pads..my aunt gave me a few of them..water proof and covered in flannel. I think you can find them in baby stores (or online would be even better I'm sure.   I just throw a small towel over it and that goes into the laundry every morning.  The pad gets replaced every few days.
Asking a cervix question when most of us have had our babies...haha!!  It never ends!   I've been noticing a heavy-ish feeling once in a while and checked myself yesterday.  My cervix is really low.  Like..really really low.  About half a finger in.  Is that normal for 4 weeks PP?  Do I have a prolapse?
Well...not literally!   Over the past couple of days I've noticed my nipples turning shiny/pink and hurting a bit while nursing. Didn't think anything of it (other than maybe he wasn't latching on correctly anymore)  until we woke up this morning and the baby had a yeasty rash.  Checked his mouth and sure enough...white patches.  Thrush, right?   Now this afternoon my right breast has been sore to the touch...not just during or after nursing..but all of the...
When it happened to me, I thought I had just peed on myself.  But it happened again (and again and again)...and that, combined with the smell (definite amniotic fluid smell ... just like the baby after birth) and little white flecks floating around in it made me sure it was my water.     Hope this is it for you!!
I'm trying to do this too...could you PM me the link to that blog too?  
Yay!  ELV!!
Congratulations!  She's so adorable!
Thinking of you!!
I'm so glad to be on this side now!!  As much as I loved feeling his kicks and movements...snuggling with him in my arms is much better!     Bailey - Our babies share a b-day!  Happy 1 week to our babes!     Glad I'm not the only one spraying milk all over the baby..LOL!!  I did with the other kids too...I don't remember when my supply adjusted. I got really engorged this time ... milk came in on the third day and I grew a golf ball sized lump in my armpit. ...
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