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I don't know who I need to contact at Mothering to get this straightened out, and hope someone here can help...   Over a month ago, I bought a diaper on the MotheringDotCommunity site.  It was an "itti bitti One-Size Bitti Tutto cloth diaper" which was 52% off that day (June 28).  I have not received it yet!  I don't know how to track it down or who to contact.  I have gone to the "my accounts" section, and I see the name of it there but no other information as far...
Have you read the book, The Intentional Family  by William Doherty?  If so, would you recommend it?  I'm thinking of buying a copy, but I'd like to hear some "reviews" before I decide whether to buy it or just borrow a copy from a library.   Thanks!
thanks, everyone, for the specific ideas. i need to do some rethinking and prioritizing. i am a montessori teacher by training, so i am really attached to that method (perhaps too much?). We have a montessori school room set up for my preschooler, but perhaps i need to incorporate more of our activities into our regular living space. we do read on the couch quite a bit during the day, but i like the idea of doing some additional activities there as well. and of...
I am looking for ANY advice regarding home-schooling when you also have a newborn! My baby is now 5 wks old, and I had hoped to restart school for my older child (preschool age) after a 1-2 month break post-partum. Of course now I have such limited time, energy, and worse - weak motivation! My older child seems to really be needing a routine and some more structure to his day again.... but HOW? I am really at a loss and just wonder how we'll get back into it! ...
...subscribing to this thread!
just the thread i wanted to see. i'm glad to hear all the ideas and moms in the same boat.
Still pregnant. Due the 24th. One minute I'm soooo ready to welcome baby, the next minute I'm all choked up to say good-bye to my son being the only child. EMOTIONAL!
Quote: Originally Posted by jenfl I meant that it wasn't traditionally Montessori to do decoding before encoding. Ok, I hear ya now. Yes, the writing before reading concept. On another note, does anyone know of a free resource of sequencing pics? Jen, you mentioned copying pictures from a story book. That's a great idea. Anyone else? I'm having trouble finding any!
Quote: Originally Posted by jenfl I know it's not traditional Montessori, but I'm thinking about seeing if she can read some CVC words..... Why do you say CVC is not traditional Montessori? We used these all the time for early readers in the classroom.
Great topic and discussion. With baby #1, I don't remember feeling an urge to push, and I felt so confused. I remember reaching full dilation and then just waiting and waiting for something to happen. After a while, I think I told the people with me that I thought I could push... but I was really so uncertain and just thought it was the "right" thing to do at that point. One of my midwives told me to push "with all I have" during a contraction. I ended up pushing...
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