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You could try getting something like this http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2266978&cp=2255956.2273442.2255969.3615619.12622371&green&ab=MyBuys:family for your older son to play with his legos inside and getting your younger ds some duplo legos that are for him and more safe for youngest ds when he starts crawling.
I agree with this 100%. Her kids have the right to be safe and if this child is causing a problem constantly I would get together with the other parents and the property managers and find a solution.
If your first language is english and your husband's is arabic why can't you both speak your native language to her so that she becomes fluent in both?
You are asuming that they are crying for three consecutive hours. If they cry a little here a little there it can add up to three hours.
For all you moms with misbehaving littles I found this site http://www.thetotaltransformation.com/?utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=%7Bkeyword%7D&utm_campaign=Controlling%2BBehavior&dsource=msnfbonb.
It sounds to me like you are burned out. Do you do anything outside out taking care of the kids? Maybe you need some regularly scheduled time away from them so you can remember who you are outside of being a mom.
I wish I had had the forsight too.LOL Its because of bad experiences in coparenting that I know its not something I ever want to do again.    
I believe you are correct with the custody thing, the problem is I don't think she would have a problem with that.
The quality or availability of care is not the problem,she doesn't trust anyone else. And yes she could get funding to help her pay for daycare,but they are not going to pay for 24 hour care.I just saw her last night and now she wants to skip the national guard and go straight for the air force.When I had her I had a hard time leaving her in daycare a few hours a day to finish school so I just can't understand her wanting to leave 2 babies for 10 weeks of basic.I keep...
I am doing it and as another poster said one day at a time. I have 10 yo at home that I am also homeschooling.I am not working right now because I don't want to take on too much and fail any classes.Just finished midterms and think I have done well so maybe I will revisit the work issue next spring.
New Posts  All Forums: