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Goodness. I hope everyone is on the mend.
She will most likely keeps her head covered even while in her home. The religion ask for covering a woman's hair while in company of non-muhrim (in this case, your husband whom she could marry if she and him were singles). I am not sure if she would cover her head if it's just you and her. Some do and some don't in this case. Have fun!
WOW!!!! We only have 2 bushes and failed to plant the rest of the eyes. How do you can potatoes?
If cleaning the tracks an issue, can you put them on top shelf in the dishwasher? I think it's a cute idea. Maybe, have the cake board wide enough to run the tracks around the cake?
Another natural weed killer solution that we found was a mix of vinegar and lemon juice. A batch recipe calls for 4oz lemon juice and 1 quart white/cider vinegar.
My husband won't wear scarves. I've knitted him winter hats and sweaters. He will wear those!
Have you looked into Coccoro car seats? I think Radians and Coccoro car seats are the ones that you can put three in the back seats. Combi Coccoro - http://www.combi-intl.com/Products/Item.aspx?Item=12
We should suggest they come up with something for the men, too. This is funny!
I have always wanted raised beds! I agree with PP. How wrapping chicken wire around the bed? 2-3 foot tall fence should prevent the rabbits from coming in, and low enough for you to be able to harvest or weed easily.
I have kitchen aid 7 cups size. the blades attchment covers the gap between the cup and the stem so there isn't leakage. I love it!
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