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Hello, What else does she has to endure? We where informed that her cancer is spreading, but thankfully she's comfortable, we watched her rugrats videos earlier and ate a little. The hardest thing for us will be explaining to the youngest two. How can i explain an 18 month old baby that his sister is dying? How can i explain a 4 year old, who was practically brought up in hospitals during the first 3 years of her life? Leon(our oldest) is reading to her as i type,...
Sopia, who has been in remission since last year, relapsed. She has AML (Acute myeloid Leukaemia). She's not doing good, so i'm asking for your prayers.
Mario Party 8!!! I love that one Cooking Mama rocks! DD2 adores that game. Zelda is great too
DS2 is not yet 2 (he's 19 months) but he's tall 37' and 34 lbs.
DD2 wears glasses since she was 2. She doesn't takes them off, becuase she can actually SEE with them, she has 4 pairs, one that she wears to school and other 3 pairs of her choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz I was very shy as a teen - never dated, didn't go to parties. I don't know if I would change it and go to parties and date if I had it to do over... Yeah that! I don't regret it. I started dating at 17 with my DH and um that's all.
They screened an HIV movie when my sonwas that age, the reason was, there was going to be a new kid in his classroom with HIV+, but there was a meeting with us beforehand...
I'm Greek, married to a Brit. I've been living in England for 16 years(almost 17) and all of us hold dual citizenship. I don't have problems fitting in, and all my friends are English. My mum lives with me and i don't have a big family. My father passed away and my brothers live in Greece but we visit often and they visit too. My kids are multilingual (English/Greek/Spanish/Portuguese).
DH and I love to take pictures of the kids, DSD is a prof. photographer and we also have some nice sets of professional pictures per year in her studio or simply at home doing random stuff and being kids. We take around 200 pics of DS a month and 300 of the other 3, DS doesn't like pictures as the other three.
No, i think my DD(she's 7) is too young for this film, DS saw it (but he's 12).
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