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I didn't have any cervical checks during pregnancy.  I know I had at least one in active labor because that's how they discovered the anterior lip.  I may have had one before that, but I had been in active labor for hours at that point and don't really remember.  I know that with all the checks, they never told me how many cm's I was dilated.  Maybe that would be a good option if your practitioner still wants to do them, that he/she just won't give you specifics?
I had mine checked at about 7 weeks PP.  My TSH was a little lower than it had been during pregnancy, but still within an acceptable range - no medication adjustment was need.  (I also take Armour thyroid.)   I would think at 1 week PP ALL of your hormone levels are adjusting, so it would seem like you might get false results at that point?  This is just a guess though, I haven't done any research on it or anything.
I know you're having a birth center birth, but you may want to look into childbirth preparation classes offered by one of your local hospitals.  They seem like they might be a better fit for you.  Yes, they will probably talk about epidurals which won't apply to you but it's my understanding that they should also cover alternative methods for dealing with the pain.  Poke around and see if you can find a hospital that is more natural childbirth friendly, and then sign up...
My due date is 5 days after DS's birthday.  On HIS due date, DH and I went to the lake and he took a picture of me there - 40 weeks pregnant, sweating my butt off in a bathing suit.  I reposted it to Facebook and said something like, "You know what was fun?  Being 9 months pregnant in the middle of July.  So fun in fact that it seems I've decided to do it again!  Baby #2 is due July 28!"
I definitely want to find out, which is a stark contrast from my first pregnancy where I wanted to be surprised.   I think the difference is that this is likely my last child, so I will either be a mom of 2 boys or a mom of one of each.  There were so many emotions brewing inside of me during DS's 1st week of life - while I love him fiercely, it was not love at first site for me - it took time.  I would be really afraid of throwing some gender disappointment into...
Just a hair over 15 weeks and I can feel mine maybe 3 fingers below my belly button?   Holy crap, do I still have the earliest DD in our DDC?  No other late July ladies joined in?
I had no diarrhea, no nesting, and no bloody show.  The first sign that anything was happening were painful, irregular contractions.   I didn't lose my mucous plug until I had been in active labor for several hours, and my water didn't break until after I started pushing.
Me, DH, and our 2 midwives.  Haven't quite figured out what to do with DS yet.   For my first birth, I invited my best friend and my SIL to be in attendance.  I had to call them and tell them not to come.  Once I was in labor I did not want anybody around that didn't absolutely have to be there.
My baby's heart rate was 160 bpm at 12.5 weeks.
I gained 9 pounds in the first 9 weeks.  Yup, 9 pounds.  Granted, I found out I was pregnant the weekend before Thanksgiving so those 9 weeks spanned Thanksgiving and Christmas - I gain weight at that time of year anyway!  At my 13 week appointment I was up another 2 pounds, making my total first trimester weight gain 11 pounds.   I gained more than 40 pounds with my first pregnancy, and had lost it all by DS's first birthday.
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