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For the last part of my triplet pregnancy and the early postpartum period, I wore stretchy yoga pants and lose tops. I usually wear a Medium or a Large and I was in XL or XXL pants that I stretched out a lot even though I wore the waistband under my belly and XXXL tops.   "Maternity" clothes didn't work for me as my rib cage stretched - not just my belly.
Hey there. Congratulations. I'm one of the triplet moms who stop be here from time to time, though I must confess it is not often anymore. My trio will be 5 at the end of the month.   A lot of how you parent the first year will depend on how well you and the babies handle the pregnancy and how much help you have. If you carry close to term and have lots of help and the babies are happy and healthy, you may be able to do everything you dream off with regard to...
Congratulations on the birth of your babes.
I am so sorry to hear it.
FWIW, here is my story. I had u/s at 6.5 weeks and 11 weeks. At 6.5 weeks, we saw two heart beats and an empty sac. At 11 weeks, we saw three babes. The "empty sac" stopped growing around 30 weeks, at which point my perinatologist started checking blood flow to the placenta and brain during u/s. When the blood flow to the brain changed at 32.5 weeks, I had a c-section ASAP. He was born at 3rd percentile weight for gestational age, but caught up within the year. He is now...
My son hated it and he underperformed due to anxiety, but the results were very revealing.  The school was unable to accommodate him, but with the test scores in hand plus results from a couple of other assessments, I could identify precisely where the school was failing him. When I pulled him out to homeschool, the test results also gave me the power to have my husband on board.
You have hit the stage at which I decided that I needed a more fixed schedule for the triplets in order to keep my 4 year old sane.  I also had my 4 year old in quite a lot of school so that he wasn't frustrated all the time by my being with the babies, and I hired someone to help me with the babies so that I could dedicate an hour to my eldest every day.   Your 3 year old probably does need some kind of routine or schedule and some time with you that is not about...
Quote: That describes me perfectly. I, too, love the theory and rigour of the WTM approach, and I, too, have a child who "does not like history". We started homeschooling last spring when I took DS1 (8) out of school in crisis mode. So, I am still pretty new to this myself. DS1 and I butt heads hard if I try to "make him learn" too many things, so I am trying not to worry about "gaps in education" at this early stage.  I am trying more to focus on gaps in skills. Your...
This is exactly what DS1 (7) is like.   For multiplication speed drills, we have been using Timez Attack on the computer - http://www.bigbrainz.com/ We also use KenKen for arithmetic practice.   Embedding the drill in a more complex activity definitely helps him stay focused and he is learning the facts by using them.   HTH  
DeChRi: It is best to be prepared for anything.  The "empty sac" I saw on my 6 week ultrasound is now a strapping 4 -year old. And, we nearly missed him on the 11-week ultrasound, too, because he was hiding behind his brother and sister.
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