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My son has a similar issue in the morning. I've found giving him lots of time and not pushing him helps. I usually put on something calming for him to watch to slowly wake up. (Baby Einstein was great when he was younger.) I know it is tough. Good luck!
I never liked dealing with the racks either. After I bought my pressure canner, I just use that for water bath canning as well. It has a sealed lid, no spills, and the rack on the bottom is flat. There is plenty of height to stack as well. I love it.
My DC were watched by my MIL while I worked part-time, so it was a natural thing for them to spend the night early. DS was around 6 months old, and DD was a little over a year because I was nursing her overnight. When she was night weaned, she started staying over as well. Now both kids still love to go to Grandmas and ask to go often. They spend at least one day a week with her and spend the night a few times a month. It is a wonderful thing for everyone.
Add another to the list of those who are wondering what the real issue is here. My MIL watched my children when they were babies while I worked part-time. I loved that she bathed them, took pictures, bought them cute clothes, and pampered them. I knew they were well taken care of, and I was grateful every day that she was the one caring for them. They got a lot more love and attention than they would have anywhere else. I would examine what your underlying issues are...
Quote: Originally Posted by chipper26 1. The teacher was showing concern when she asked what was wrong. She cares and probably wanted to help. 2. I understand why you wanted to bring the jacket in, but when parents just randomly drop in in the middle of class it can be a huge disruption, especially with little ones whose attention spans are very short and fragile. Why to teachers get so much hate aimed at them? It's like they can't win no matter...
I just want to say I completely understand. My mother has struggled with mental illness, and having children for me completely changed some things for me and our relationship. It is helpful to talk with others who understand and to grieve the loss of an ideal grandparent. It may also be helpful to see a counselor to help sort out some of these emotions. Nobody really has a perfect relationship with their parents, you are not alone.
I agree it was much better to respond with respect rather than snarkiness. If she was being really rude or controlling to you, then that might be different. But, I really don't understand the whole AP disconnect sometimes. Sure, I'll meet the needs of my kids, but I'll be rude to the rest of society and anyone that disagrees with me. In my mind, if you're going to chose love and respect for your children, it might be wise to chose that for others as well. Otherwise it...
I honestly don't see what the problem is with planning adult activities for adults. I think what she is really trying to say is that she wants you and your DH there, but she would rather keep it to mostly adults most of the time. She is suggesting you get a sitter so that you can come. Of course, if you are not comfortable with leaving your daughter yet, that is understandable. I say this with complete respect, but this weekend is not about your daughter. It is...
They have to say 3+ if there is any possibility of choking. We started much, much younger.
I just started putting my DD's hair in pony tails. I found some small, no-cut rubber bands that we use. You may also want to try a very small amount of olive oil or baby oil for her hair. (like rub it into your hands and then rub down her hair - otherwise it will look greasy)
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