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I need suggestions for an HE compatible diaper-friendly detergent that is available really easily (Target, Walmart, regular grocery store, etc).. I've read all the websites listing the safe detergents, I just wanted to find out any of your experiences with which chain stores carry them. Thanks!   eta: Whole Foods is also an option.
I've never used a bread machine, but I LOVE my Kitchenaid standmixer for breadmaking... It's easy and turns out perfect! Tons of other uses, too.
Our pediatrician recommended Fenugreek tea, especially during a cold.
Your friend would probably be devastated too! I think if you're doing the free childcare swap, it should be because it benefits everyone involved. It doesn't sound like the happiest situation right now. Just tell her it's not the right fit for you anymore, but you'd love to still have playdates and hangout.   As for bunkbed safety, I've heard tons of stories of broken arms and whatnot, even for kids who are 5+. Just because a kid 'usually' knows how to use the ladder,...
Well then, yes, the price is correct.
You could apply for Medicaid since you've got no income and would be considered 'disabled' , or atleast a special circumstance, since you need the assistive device to function in every day life. You definitely need to find the Hearing & Speech center in your area, check with all hospitals that are a reasonable driving distance from you (I take my 2yr old 45mins away for her hearing aids, it's worth it).. Whoever you're seeing needs to care more about your hearing and...
Oh gosh. I know exactly how all of you feel and am at the end of my rope. I'm ready and willing to get rid of my old stuff / old baby stuff, but I feel like I can't even begin to clean up because I'm blocked by all of DHs stuff. He won't part with anything from high school (15+ years ago), tshirts that are ripped or stained and he'll never wear again, and he has a HUGE collection of CDs and stuff like that. His childhood bedroom at his parent's house is filled with...
that's great! i wish we knew about EC from birth. DD - dear daughter      DS - dear son      BGs - BumGenius (a diaper)   So when you post you can say "11 week old DS is _____"
Thanks, I was hoping it might just be that age. It could be 20 minutes, I have no concept of time overnight and never look at a clock. It is exactly as you described though!
We have had 8 EcaPants since 12mos (30mos now) and if we had our own washing machine that would have been the perfect amount, with no other diapers needed! Either way, they are excellent. Well-made and the size can be adjusted for a while.
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