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AMAZING!  Congrats.  What an amazing accomplishment.  Welcome Juno.  So proud of you.  
It depends on whether you will need the extra support and one-on-one attention of a doula.   The MW probably won't be there the ENTIRE labor and delivery.  I am not sure about the assistants.  I guess I would ask your MW what she and her assistants provide during labor.  It seems that you may not need the extra support of the doula, but all depends on what the MW will/won't (can/can't) do for you.    Personally, I had a doula for my first, but not subsequent...
Took the survey.  Good luck with your study.
Voted.  Boy that was hard.  There were some many fabulous pictures.  Awesome to see.
I am not an expert at all, but I would say your chances for a successful VBAC are quite good.  I think you will need to keep track of growth and your fluids during pregnancy (to prevent or treat the polyhydroimos).  Your body has proved that is can birth naturally.  Every birth is different, but it seems that are competent to VBAC.    I don't have rates on rupture, but they are generally not as high as many make out.  It is certainly a risk factor, but not the only...
I would think you could do that if the father is willing to give up his rights.  The law varies from state to state, so you might want to get in touch with a family law attorney.   Good luck with the pregnancy and the legal stuff.
I really like the choices of lunch containers and the variety of prices.  Love this site.  The article was great.  Thanks!
There are probably better people out there that can answer this question.  I have had two VBACs with Kuyper of MidCity OB/Gyn.  I did need to ''talk" him into the VBAC.  I think he has been hit with some legal things in the past, but is okay doing a VBAC.  Once he was on board for the VBAC, he was on board and supportive.  He was open to a very hands-off hospital birth and really followed through on my birth plan.    We do have an Omaha chapter of ICAN.  People there...
Contact your school's counseling department. Ask them. Several legitimate universities have online programs. Your school may have one already or the counselors can refer you to one. My husband did quite a few of his classes (not all) this way. He took classes from University of Nebraska- Lincoln and UN-Kearney. Oh, also did some through the University of Maryland.
You do not neccessarily need a master's for education. It will get you more pay, but many teachers get their bachelors, start teaching then go back for a masters (either taking a leave of absence or doing night classes). Speech-Language Pathology: Requires a master's, but there is a huge demand for them. There are quite a fews ways to get graduate school paid for given the hugh demand. I am a SLP, so pm if you have questions. I work in the schools and LOVE what I...
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