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Thanks for your replies. I checked the calendar and it had actully been 4 weeks! But I went to the gyn on monday because it was time for another shot and the nurse said irregular bleeding is not uncommon for women on depo and things should get straight after the 3rd shot. I just got the 2nd one monday. Then a few days later the bleeding stopped. (WHEW!) But now I'll just see how regular things gets. Thanks again.
Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.... It's been nearly 16 months since ds was born, I'm still breastfeeding regularlly (seems like often) and at night. I was taking the minipill after 6 weeks (with no problems) but then after a year (back in Aug) I got Depo because I've taken it before, liked that I didn't have to remember to take the pill everyday and was hoping I'd continue to have no period (like before when I was on it). Then 3 weeks ago I got my period, but it...
Thanks for the info! I wish i was ! (still no sign of return to fertility)
yeah and see the info at the bottom, you can get info on: childhood vaccination update AND life threatening allergy information. Someone needs to let them know one's the blame for the other!
I came here to post : After getting the latest Mothering Magazine in, I’m scared to death to give Seth any more vaccines. I never knew that they could pose such a harm. I always knew it was a choice to get them but didn't know why people choose not to. And now I have so many questions and I don't have time for the research,. Is it ok to just stop once you've already started? He's been getting them on schedule since birth. also do you just wait until they are older...
I would like to know what you all have to say about this too because it's crossed my mind. My son likes to pull my shirt up and just make sure they are there. Then he usally leaves and wants to keep my breast uncovered (i guess so he can see them from afar) and have wondered when does this kind of behavior become inappropriate.
May 31 my nursing ds turned one and we are still going strong with nursing. He can go long stretches without nursing (like when he's at grandma's for a few hours) but when we are together we are such a strong nursing team. He just loves to "have a boobie in his mouth" (as dh would say) Especially since I think he's teething now, boy he wants to nurse constantly, which I’m dealing with, and at least I know he gets this comfort during this really difficult time for him....
mis post sorry
That is the more adorable story ever. *sniffle*
Just wanted to say I did my little part of advocacy Saturday when I took my One year old DS to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA. He had an absolute blast and I nursed him everywhere! (Although he was mostly busy playing, walking, pushing his stroller, riding the rides) I nursed him through "beer school", in a crowded theater before and during the shows - right next to people (which I usually get nervous nursing him next to older men, but I didn't have a problem Saturday.)...
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