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I am thinking about it, but not certain yet. I have the summer to decide I guess. Lol. I have a 3, 4(almost 5), and a 6 year old.
Hi, I posted in the trading forum that I am ISO Oak Meadow curriculum, but I noticed that the posts there are really old, so I'm not sure if it gets a lot of traffic, so I thought I would just cross-post here. If you have any for sale could you go over to the trading forum and take a look? :) Thanks! I am looking for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade curriculum. I have nothing at all yet because this is my first year homeschooling!
I am looking for Oak Meadow curriculum for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Any/or either one of them! I would prefer to have whole sets since I have nothing yet. This will be my first year home schooling, so I have literally nothing! Thanks! Price is negotiable because I don't know what a normal price for second hand curriculum is. :)
And I'll look into that book because she definitely is quirky! :)
Thanks! Is playing with siblings not usual with ASD kids? And she does have one friend, but her friend is basically like another sister since they have been together since they were born. DD is 3 months older than her friend, and I met her mom when DD was 6 weeks old(so her friend was born about 6 weeks later).    That is good to know about the girls having less behavior issues... She is just VERY temperamental and shy.
Thanks for the reply! She sucks her thumb as a coping mechanism, but I don't know if I would call it repetitive. I try to discourage it whenever I notice her doing it, and her teachers do too. That can be normal for her age too though. She also twirls her hair in her finger. She is doing it less than she was, but she still does it, and sometimes to the point where her finger gets tangled in her hair and it hurt her. I have to untangle it, so it doesn't cut off the...
Hello! I have been seeing autism signs in my 3 year old daughter for a while now, and would like to get perspective from some of you who have autistic kids...   Speech: She did have a speech delay, said nothing at age 2 when she started speech therapy. She learned some basic signs in speech which helped her communicate with us(helped a TON), and it eventually led to her beginning to say words. She is now getting speech through the school district since she is 3,...
Hi! I was an active member here on Mothering for a while a couple of years ago then I quit reading for a while... I decided to try it out again. :)    I am a birth doula through Birth Arts International. My husband is in the Army, and we are stationed in Fort Irwin, CA. It is in the middle of the Mojave desert, and I'm the only doula around for about 80 miles. Unfortunately that doesn't mean that I get a bunch of business! :( People here just don't seem to want or...
  I am a BAI doula too! :)
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