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Hey all! We are stationed at Ft. Irwin, CA. I'm a doula and hosting a free screening of the film "Doula!" this week for world doula week. Not many people here know what a doula is, so I'm trying to get the word out. I'll have snacks and a q&a afterward. So, if anyone happens to be here, I'd love to invite you!
Wow so happy for you Carrie! My little 3 year old managed to crack my ipad screen... I was PISSED! It still works, and it's just one crack on the top layer glass, but still... sigh. I was almost in tears too. 
That hat is adorable Carrie! 
DS hates cars too! It is sooo frustrating because he is my first who was this way. My other 3 loved the car and fell asleep right away. I just let DS cry most of the time since it's usually short distances. Next week we are moving to California though(from Georgia!), so I'm dreading that trip. I reeeeeally hope he gets over his hatred of cars seats in the next week..... 
Peony, I think we have the same kids! I sympathize with you!  Tonight was a very bad night in my house! Lots of screaming....
What a cute tutu! :) Finn looks so cute too! All our babies are getting so big already. :( I think Andrew grew overnight.    
Hugs Carrie!! My 3 year old is the same way. She has colored on the walls, and her potty training is driving me crazy! I KNOW she knows how to go in the potty, but she just doesn't. Then she tries to clean herself up by herself and shuts herself in the bathroom.... getting poop everywhere while trying to clean herself! UGH! I wish I could say it gets better, but so far 4 isn't much better. Just has different issues. All I do is yell at my 3 girls all day long pretty...
I love seeing all the babies! SO cute!!    Veggiemom - that picture is beautiful! :)   Soon to be - haha what a cute face! :D   Here is Andrew 3 weeks...       
I get that here too! A lot of the time people are asking where I got my wrap from though because they think it is so neat. I get a lot of comments though!
I put Andrew on my back today with some help from one of my friends. :)  
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