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Congrats! I love hearing about all the babies being born! :)
I never lost any mucus plug or had any bloody show with my other three, but this time I have lost my mucus plug. I know it's not REALLY a sign of anything, but I'm hoping it will be. :)
Yay! Congrats to her!!!
I love that picture too, it's beautiful! :)   Here are a few from my maternity photos with my friend.      
Cute car seat cover! I made one too a week ago or so.... similar to your too! :) Here is mine...    
That is a pretty quilt!! Great job!
Congrats!! :)
Haha! Sex is so uncomfortable for me too. I want it though, and it usually helps get labor going, so I'm happy to do it! :)
I love those nudes!!! I wish I were that brave too; they are gorgeous!
I made mine out of just regular cotton fabric from Joann's, and I added a zipper on the top like on the Boppy slipcovers. I just used my old slipcover as a pattern. It was pretty easy! :)
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