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Oh forgot to mention I'm still doing college too.... I just finished an economics class that was soooooo boring. I am so glad it's over! I don't see how people can make a career our of being economists. It's just so boring! I'm hoping to have my two Psychology and Sociology classes done before the baby is born. This term(July 1st-December 31st) I have 10 classes that I have to get finished in order to apply for student teaching next fall. I have two done so far, and...
Haha no! DH said I should name it after him since it is so amazing... just like him.  He's not full of himself at all is he! lol. I'm been having fun sewing on it though! I bought some blank onesies to embroider with it, and I'm going to make some burp clothes with Gerber prefolds too. It is soooo easy to sew with it!
I haven't really been taking belly pictures lately, but here is one from the pool at Disney a few weeks ago. I feel huge!!        I don't think I look pregnant from behind though. haha, he is all out in front!
I'm back!  We have been super busy ever since DH got home last month! He has been off work, and then we went to Disney World which was AMAZING! I'm so ready to have this baby, but I still have almost a month. I don't really expect to have him early either since my others weren't early. I had another ultrasound last week, and he is measuring 6 lbs 12oz already. That is what my last baby was when she was born! haha! I am expecting him to be around 8lbs like my older two....
We are also 110% done! This is #4 for us, and that is PLENTY! We got our boy, so I am confident and happy being done. :) Even if this was a girl we would still be done.. I don't think we could do more than 4! I graduate college next year, and then start teaching, so I really didn't want to have any more babies once I started a career. I just don't want to have to deal with maternity leave or being pregnant while working.    I also have had a terrible pregnancy! I...
Good luck!!! 
Wow congrats mama! She is beautiful! :)
So I'm gone for a while, and I miss a baby being born already! Wow! Congrats! :) He is beautiful! 
Haha ya I am! My husband came home from Iraq, and we have been super busy ever since!     
I made a cover for my Boppy today! :)
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