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I wait until he's in a good mood, then I offer a lollipop! Sound's terrible, I know. But I think my guy has sensory issues and this helps him get through it.   I fill the bath only with a little water, then I have him laying down in the tub and the water level is only up to his ears (not IN his ears). Then I tell him to look at the ceiling and I pretend there is something up there. Wash, rinse all done in 30 seconds or less!   -Oh he gets the lollipop AFTER the...
Thanks :)
Haven't talked to my doctor, but still no AF. Took another FRER this morning. BFN.   I was thinking about anything I've done differently this month. And I realized I have been taking a new B6 supplement. I've never taken B supplement before. Would that delay my period?   I'm usually regular 28-30 days. Never, ever been this late. I think its going on 9 days now.
I think if you were able to influence the gender of the baby, it would have to be before conception.   The sperm is what chooses the gender of the baby. So the sperm could be an X (girl) or a Y(boy). Whichever sperm makes it to the egg first is said to choose the gender. It is said that Y's swim faster, while X's have a longer life.   By using certain positions while trying to conceive, people have surmised that you could achieve selection of the sex. But the research...
Thanks for the pic and post. So sorry about what happened. Wondering, did you finally get AF?   I still didn't. I'm getting worried now, but not wanting to waste any more money on preg tests.
Just an update. I've been testing like crazy. Mostly blue tests since now AF is 5 days late. All BFN's   Im feeling very tired, but that could be because my 2 year old hasnt been sleeping (teething).   Wierd thing is I'm feeling sick after almost every meal. The only thing I can eat without getting nauseous is eggs. Im thinking maybe low blood sugar due to fatigue?   AF symptoms are no where in sight. And Im confused and hoping Im not sick. I will visit doctor if...
Yes - I can get some on Sunday. Thanks. At least I know its normal for the dye to spread now. I dont want to get too hopeful.
Hello - I guess you could say I was obsessing over my BFN and I decided to open the test to see if there was a faint line.   Inside on the spongey part, was a pink line. I've opened tests before and never saw a pink line before. Could it be a false negative?   Today is CD 28 for me. AF usually comes CD28-30. Unfortunately, I dont have another test on hand to retest.
Anyone? Someone in here HAS to have SOME kind of air purifier right? This is the allergy forum
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