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Could I be having a miscarriage?
victoria, I have all the classic pregnancy symptoms, yet BFN on 4 pregnancy tests! BD on July 27 and I just tested again this morning so there's no chance I could be pregnant I have been having these symptoms for almost 4 weeks now and if AF doesn't show up soon, Im going to be worried...
I think Im getting my first postpartum AF. I didn't know it was going to be this bad. I've been having bouts of nausea for three weeks along with food aversions/cravings. I'm constantly thirsty and very irritable. Still nursing my 14 month old and wondering how long this is going to last until I finally get my pp af!! What were some of your symptoms and how long did they last until AF came?
Got a bfn on my pink hpt test. dtd july 27. I guess that means no... kind of disappointed.
The difference is that your dd will get all of her "experimenting" with boundaries over with now and become a well adjusted adult. The unattached children will start "experimenting" in the teen years. Chin up. Mama, you're doing a great job.
Oh yes the AHHHH screech... It drives me crazy! But it's perfectly normal for his age... but why do people who don't have children yell at him to stop screeching? Three times this week already I had people acting as if my child isn't well behaved b/c he happened to be screeching. Like, what am I supposed to do.. he's trying to communicate... eerghh!
Quote: Originally Posted by battymama Normal! Dont sweat it at all, is he doing all the non verbal stuff? Pointing, doing actions to songs? It sounds like he is just working things out in his head. Oh yes, he points at everything and understands "come here", "no", "ferrets" and "na-na (nurse)". He doesn't do actions to songs, but that may be because we usually don't sing songs with actions. We just started going to a class at the library...
I'd like to join, even though I think chances are slim that I'm pregnant seeing as I've been nursing my 14 month old and I haven't had my first ppaf yet. 2.5 weeks ago dtd and about 1.5 weeks ago I have experienced: Nausea Irritability Extreme hunger (happened with ds, before I even knew I was pregnant) Fatigue My stomach is actually protruding more (even dh commented on it) Something that feels like round ligament pain Took 2 pink line pregnancy tests and both...
heheh - my friend andrea was visiting last night and she tried to get him to say her name. she was pronouncing the syllables an- dreee - ahhhh over and over and finally he screeched out an-dreeee-ahhhh... so maybe I just need to work with him a little bit, although I'm not into pushing ds..
Thanks so much! : Now there are a ton of searches I want to do!
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