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Girls, this sucks!! My office never has treats. My boss just brought in a decadent gallon of icecream for us. I had the tiniest of scoops. But I want it all Why is the gallon of icrecream directly outside of my office, oh why oh why????
Quote: Originally Posted by Talula Fairie HA! I ate a double quarter pounder with cheese meal. Fries, soda, and all! You know how to make a girl feel good. LOL. Man, I want a quarter pounder actually, RIGHT NOW. I used to never even like McDonald's and now I'm salivating.....
I did something awful. *bows head in shame* I caved. I had a fish o' filet sandwich. But I got it w/o tartar and in a lettuce wrap and paired it with a spinach quinoa salad! Man it was good.
Now all I want is my mom's food. She's coming down for Easter. Indian food, even the good places in LA, just doesn't compare. My little brother is staying with me and is a chef, I think I need to text him immediately to make a spread.
Okay, stupid question time. How do you know it's BH? I've had menstrual like cramps (some severe) and some more mild. I think I need to visit my friend Google.
Quote: Originally Posted by dislocator3972 You ladies who crave fish baffle me. Ever since the nasty fish-oil prenatals that made me burp (and then barf) that fishy taste, no fish goes anywhere near my kitchen or mouth. On the other hand: salad: me too! Fruits: me too! veggies: me too! I'll add slurpees to the list. I RARELY consume high fructose corn syrup, but the sugar free slurpees are incredible. I've literally had one every day for a...
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