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I don't spend hardly anything, but that's because I don't follow my vet's recommendations at all. Also, the last puppy I had was my 14-year-old dog. The first year is much more expensive. My dogs get a check-up once a year at best which is $40+the cost of any shots. They are kept up to date on rabies (every 3 years). Sometimes, I get a heartworm test, but not yearly. That's been my only medical expense for them for many years now. They aren't current on other vaccines. I...
As-needed for health issues. They only got their vaxes as kittens. Mine are raw fed - no tartar, no vomiting, no urinary problems. My cats are 3 and 5 now, I will probably start doing a check-up once every year or two when they get to be seniors.
As long as it has been frozen for at least 3 weeks (to kill common parasites) you should be golden!
When you need peace and quiet I recommend a citronella bark collar. They are pain free and work really well for most dogs. Over the years I have successfully trained my dogs to stop barking on command (vocal corrections with strict enforcement, not with treats) but when I am not home, they will go nuts without their collars on. And you probably know this, but the more exercise and stimulation you can give him, the calmer he will be during the day.
Hmm, I might have to check out these dollar store tests.. I am not spending another $17 on two tests!
I'm here. I don't have any kids and this would be totally unplanned and surprising. But I would be thrilled and I think BF would be happy too. I'm scared also, of course. BF and I don't abstain at all during fertile times, always use withdrawal. I haven't gotten pregnant in the last 4 years of doing so, but really we are hardly careful compared to other people and I guess it's not so shocking. I don't temp, but I am reasonably certain I ovulated around the 13th of...
Quote: (I saw on Dirty Jobs--someone actually has the job of taking a torch to cow's udders to stop them from bleeding from being milked by the machines.) Actually, they were just giving them a quick swipe with the flame-thrower to burn off the peach fuzz on their udders which tends to hold bacteria. The cows didn't feel a thing, although some of them were startled by the bright light. Standard procedure. And cows cannot bleed while being milked, it...
It could also be gas in your abdominal cavity which is putting pressure on organs, etc.
It might change his behavior, it might not. I am not a believer in the necessity of neutering male dogs. Bitches, yes, because the risk of pyometra is high. As long as you do not let him roam, he isn't going to be impregnating anyone's dog. I have had quite a few male dogs, neutered and intact - the worst masturbator is my current male dog, who has been neutered at least as long as I have had him (4 years). Now, I did have an unneutered dog (a Pekingese) who did what...
My guess? He ate a long human hair and needed some extra help getting it out of there!
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