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My period is a week late (I have a regular 30-32 day cycle), I have been tired for a week and a bit dizzy, then had mild nausua and been extra hungry the past 3-4 days. My boobs are sore, which they always are before AF, but EXTRA sore, and my nipples seem tender (maybe it's just cause I keep tweaking them). I have also had light cramping - feels just like very, very light menstrual cramps. This is what's making me think I am preg because I have never, ever had uterine...
Quote: Do I need to let go of the whole Hanna Montana thing? Is it NATURAL for kids to have idols like that? To fixate on people, stars, etc...and want to BE them? Is that normal...or is that a societal thing? Because we have friends with kids, friends from other coutnries, and their kids don't do that...our friends from other places are always scratching their heads, talking about how in other place there are stars, etc....but that they haven't been anywhere...
AmericanApparel.net is my go-to for comfy, stretchy clothes. They have a limited size range though. They aren't cheap but you can find some items very discounted on Ebay, Trendyblanks.com, and other places..
Wow, I love almost all those names (Alyssa is pretty but it seems kind of 90s to me). Emily and Natalia are great - 'Talia' is adorable, but I can't stand 'Nat', and all the Natalies/Natalias I know are called that all the time. I picked Irena, it's on my own name list.
I don't have answers for your questions. I hope everything works out for your daughter. As a fellow school hater (since preschool, there was nothing my parents or teachers could do that would have made me like it) and a high-school drop out: I'm sure you know you can't force her to be motivated. Unless you do the work for her, if her heart is not in it.. 5 years later I still don't regret my choices. Everyone just assumes I am a HS/college graduate and I don't...
So, did you test?
I feel fine about debarking too, and am considering it for one of my dogs. Look at it this way - if you have a nuisance barker, and live somewhere it's not an option to just let him out in the yard to yap (in my book, anywhere other people can hear it) - what is the lesser evil? My dog is currently wearing a citronella bark collar when I'm not home (he is trained not to bark on command, but when he is bored and I'm gone goes nuts - and my apartment is above a business...
I just trained my new pup to do this, he is a terrible jumper and claws me when he gets excited. Now he grabs his toy when he feels the urge and we play fetch until he's not so excited!
I was only on my ADD medication for 3 months at age 11 because it suppressed my appetite so much.. Yeah, I think it's totally normal for kids that age to eat like this.
This was me as a infant/toddler/child. My mom says I started running at a year old and didn't stop until I was about 10. Luckily I was also pretty careful, so I didn't get into a lot of stuff I shouldn't have or get hurt. I just never stopped moving, was always setting off by myself (no separation anxiety), wanted to do everything myself and didn't want to be touched. Good luck with your high-energy kiddo!
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