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Does anybody else cut the sleeves off old t-shirts to use as a dreadband?  I really like the feel of them!
The new link works :)  Thanks for sharing.  I'd like to get my story up sometime, but I'm making no commitments.  I always have at least one baby and sometimes two in my lap trying to nurse when I'm on the computer, so typing long thoughtful responses is not usually an option for me.  Your dreads look great in your pictures, mama!  Mine are in a huge frizzy phase, just going crazy right now.  I'm trying to just wait it out and let them knot up naturally from here on out...
I tried to look at your blog but it told me that it doesn't exist.
I kind of like loops.  They seem to give the dreads a bit of character.
Is there a reason to wash so often with dreads?  I was only washing once a week before I had dreads because I had switched to baking soda/apple cider vinegar a long time ago and my hair just adjusted to that.  Should I start washing more now?
Wow!!  I love how this thread has taken off!  I had a friend help me do mine using twist and rip, and they're pretty frizzy but I think I'm just going to let it go for a few months and see what happens... like maybe use this as a jumping off point for going natural.  Can you do that?  Haha, I hope so because I am.  Like pp said I decided to go with this hairstyle because it *seemed* low maintenance, but getting into it it looks like it can be even higher maintenance than...
Great advice!  That is definitely my plan for future babies!
lilyka, I love your profile picture by the way.  What a yummy harvest!  It makes me want to sink my teeth into that tomato every time I see it.
  I understand, Mama!  We had DS2 baptized in the summer and my mom did come (because she had missed when we had our older children baptized and we joined the church as a family).  She told me later that it was the most boring thing she had ever done in her life.  She came because she felt obligated since my dad was coming (can't let the ex-husband outshine her).  It's really difficult having family members of another Christian faith think that yours isn't valid.  I'm...
I have a friend who is on her way to a repeat c-section because she thinks there are no options for her where she lives, Mobile, AL.  I'm not finding much on the internet, and I don't live close.  I'm in Louisiana.  I told her I would try to find information for her and point her in the right direction.  So, are there any VBAC friendly docs or hospitals in Mobile?
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