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What is Joy's pattern? Found it!
I had a midwife-attended home vbac 11 months ago. My midwife actually suggested calling her when we start TTC, rather than waiting until we are pregnant. I would suggest you do the same. There are quite a few midwives in Edmonton (not enough, but more than there were a few years ago). Simply meeting a midwife may be enough to convince your husband. The care is unequaled.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jojo F. They were born at 37 weeks and have just now reached the 40 mark so I'm a little inclined to lean towards she sounds good- has the dirty diapers, strong cry, kicks, can look around. :
I have a baby tub, and prefer to use it at home. However, when we were on vacation visiting various family members, we had to improvise and found many suitable options, so it's certainly not a necessity! We used a rubermaid container with a towel on the bottom, a large basin and the kitchen sink. All worked well.
I have no advice, but you're not alone. My baby is also full of air. She gulps and slurps and drinks really fast. She often wakes up trying to pass gas in either direction! It seems like it is getting better, in that she can get the air out with less help from me and sometimes goes back to sleep on her own. I'm hoping it will just continue to get better as her stomach gets older.
Also...my friend buys the disposable swim diapers and rinses and reuses if baby didn't poop. That's an option if you're hesitant about cloth (although, they're really exactly the same and much cheaper).
A fever helps the body fight germs, so I wouldn't rush to give medicine. Keep baby cool and comfortable and watch the temperature. When my son's fever gets bad, I switch between Advil and Tylenol and dose more often, because meds wear off us too quickly and the fever returns. This was suggested by EMTs and an Emergency doctor and okayed by my pediatrician. (Then the midwife gave me the same suggestion postpartum).
We just use our Fuzzi Bunz without the insert!
We had similar issues with our first. We had to use meds for a couple of months to get him over his fear of pooping. Then for a while we added fruit to everything and worked on getting him to drink water. He (like me) doesn't crave water, so we have to focus on remembering to offer it. We also keep an eye on the amount of cheese he eats and milk he drinks. He *finally* poops daily now, and we are quick to "encourage" pooping if he doesn't.
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