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I agree it sounds like a mildly toxic friendship with the potential to get a lot worse.
help! my 14 week old havanese pup seems to be fine at pooping outside but is getting nowhere fast with peeing, he seems to just go where he is, after once or twice going outside to pee he has decided it is an inside activity - what do i do? housetraining for total beginners advice please as i have never owned a dog before!
i have a havanese, we have had him nearly 4 weeks and he is just the best puppy ever. he walks the children to school and curls up in our buggy and sleeps all the way home! He plays so gently with my 18 mo and even though he mouths her fingers on occasion he has never hurt her and tolerates her hugs brilliantly, plus my 4yo dd carrying him around and putting his dog bed in her playhouse and pretending he is her dog. we all love him lots.
what sort are you getting? We got our little guy about 3 weeks ago, he is a havanese and so, so, so cute!
I just wanted to say I officially give up living in a peaceful happy home. I have been blessed with 2 amazing bright beautiful sons who just cannot get along. I have the most wonderful high needs son who cannot transition from one activity to another, is fixated on the computer and gets stuck in moods which he finds nigh on I possible to snap out of which leads to him being aggressive, moody and hostile, who is fine as long as everything in his world is going as he wants...
What about seeing if any of your sons school friends have younger siblings that your other child could play with, that way they could both have a friend.
my children are 9, 7, 4 and 1. my 1 and 4 year old could cope if i restricted tv a lot more and even my 7 yo wouldnt be so bothered, but my 9 yo is a very high needs child who is very intense and has always had a huge affinity with screens, computer or tv and i know he would really really struggle with having no tv. i was just wondering how people have coped with reducing or eliminating screen time for older children.
my children watch tv, my dd is 4 and she has no idea about about disney princesses either. i would just tell people she doesnt know who they are if they asked her that question.
you are absolutely amazing
1. Put games and toys on new shelves coming Thursday 2. Clear out my car 3. Clear out the shoe box
New Posts  All Forums: