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Yeah, I know what ya mean there, he doesn't even touch me though, lol. As far as his faults that he admits basically that he is not a very affectionate person & he likes his space, like if I try to cuddle up with him he freaks out , but eventhough he admits this and does this, it has not always been this way. Before we were married he used to be all over me.
Thanks for your posts, its really hard for us to get away for a little romantic time to ourselves, eventhough this usually does remedy the situation for a short time. We have been very tight on money since we bought the new house & we bought a van so I would have enough room for my child care kids. My weight gain has partially been due to medical reasons, I have PCOS, and used to be quite active, but am not anyomre eventhough deep down inside I wanna go out & play...
Ok the hubby & I have been married over 4 years now, before marriage, like most couples, especially those with children, our sex life was much better, but it just keeps going down hill and lately its effecting me more emotionally than just sexually. My husband is by far no romantic, but we used to have a wonderful sexual relationship. Here lately we only have sex about once a month, and we never truly "make love". He doesn't even sleep with me anymore, but I think this...
Hi everyone, I was just tired of posting on different boards about the topic of being plus sized & all associated with is, so I started a new yahoo group just for us & would like to invite everyone to join, just go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/plusrus
Right now I am about 300lbs & a size 28/30ish. I also have PCOS, was diagnosed 2 years ago this May & have been ttc my 2nd baby for over 2 years now. Unfortunately my hubby lost his insurance, so I have not been back to the dr since then & cannot get on Medicaid until I am pregnant due to just being shy of the income bracket. I've been yo yoing back & forth on the PCOS plan that I found on soulcysters.net, and my new year's res. is to stick with it. When I do get...
New Posts  All Forums: