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i won't do it before my kids are 2.  At that age my kids can usually tell me where it hurts and if they just feel kind of sick or completely miserable.
That's why we split ours up.  Half at the normal wbv and half a month later.  I know the chances are incredibly slim that anything beyond cranky kids will happen, but if it does I want to know which one to tell the doctor it was so we can skip it when we go in for the next round.
Why would pharma shills hang out a board that is incredibly anti vax?  If they were looking to boost profits they'd go hang out on baby center or just work on new ad campaigns.  It would be a huge waste of money for them to pay people to hang out here.
Ours covers flu shots and boosters.  I was surprised b/c our insurance, while not complete crap, isn't fantastic either.
My only suggestion is flannel sheets.  My kids always woke up when I put them on cotton sheets b/c they were cold.
I'm wondering this too.  I've always seen them done by the pharmacist.
Mine mention all those except celiac and give how many people have reported, i.e. 1 in 4 for swelling, etc.  We always get them first too.
Wait people actually go to doctors that don't give them the side effects list?  We always get it.  With every shot.  I have a million of the things floating around my house. And how do people have little to no choice about receiving it?  I can't imagine that if you ask for it a doctor is going to say no.  Or that Google doesn't work for people.
Sorry, it was just a completely unsupported statement with no evidence at all.
How is it speculation?  It's a direct quote.
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