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Exactly.  Selling one thing at $50 is going to be more profitable than selling 40 at $1.
  Right there.
They're not, but if Chicharronita is going to use it as fact it so am I.
Or it could have been lowered b/c the old number was too high and people were coming in with huge problems.  But, you know, whatever.
I agree.  DH's cholesterol is super high and his doctor said diet and exercise, come back in a year,  Same for my MIL, FIL and best friend.  
Trolls and reddit
Now I want BLTs.
Call you doctor and tell her you can't get in anywhere for 9 weeks but that you have an appointment.  Ask her what she wants you to do b/c you're worried about it.
Except not.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/13/us-preterm-birth-rate-hit_n_2118244.html
Aids denialism?  Magazine subscriptions issues?  
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