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i don't see how it would scare advertisers if MDC gave sufficient answers.
I just do not understand why they got locked and  poofed.  No one was name calling or being a jackass.  People just want questions answered and you'd think the mods would realise from the outcry that the answers being given are not sufficient.
Little Dude was 8lbs, 4oz and birth and is right around 15lbs now.  I find out for sure Monday, but on our scale that's where it is.
Oh, it's not that I regret it, it's just that he looked like he was in so much pain.  The pain pills weren't prescribed until after so we had to stop on the way home and grab them.  He looked worse then than I did when we drove to the hospital when I was in labor.  If I would have gotten my tubes tie dthey at least would have knocked me out.  I cannot imagine being awake for that.
DS is 8 weeks tomorrow and we are really done.  DH had his vasectomy Friday.  I'm so glad, but really sad too.  Anyone else there?  Plus I feel horrible he got it done.  I wish I would have had my tubes tied or Essure.  
Could you go for a shorter amount of time?  Maybe the wedding and then a few days for sightseeing?  I don't think I could leave my kids for that long until they were two, but for a once in a lifetime trip I could probably leave them for 4-5 days.
Congrats!  The only issue we have ever had was a sore leg during the 2 month dtap.  If that happens to you a warm bath fixes it.
  I did the same diet and my water broke before labor start in 2 out of my 3 labors.  Those labors were both a lot faster, but much more intense, than my first.
We're not rural, but not city either.  Our midwife offers to do it or we can get it done at the hospital lab or an independent lab.
We got a referral at DS's 2 week checkup at out family practitioners.  It took less than a minute at the audiologist's office.
New Posts  All Forums: