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I don't like it just b/c it's not the Cinderella in the movie and that's what I grew up with.
I was GBS- with my first, but the results didn't get sent over to the hospital in time so I ended up with the IV through my whole labor and it sucked.  The worst part wasn't the needle, but the cord/tube/.  I kept yelling at DH for stepping on it even though he wasn't.  I wish I would have thought to ask for a hep lock b/c I think that would have been ok.  I'd rather have that then subject a baby to an extra poke though.  
I have to wear padded b/c I have pokey nipples.  I assume that's why it's so hard to find unpadded anything.
No med student is going to risk that.  They'd be booted out of the program.  No doctor is going to physically assault someone either.  They might shame and scare and mentally screw with you, but they are not going to risk a lawsuit and having their license yanked b/c they physically assaulted someone.  That coupled with her blog being private just screams "I made this up for attention" to me.
We had DD2 at 2am and people came over about 40 hours later.  No one stayed every long b/c they all had kids under a year and understood.  My parents and in laws are out of town so it was ~1.5 weeks before they came for a weekend and then my mom came for a full week around 3.5 weeks.
We just upgraded to a 55" b/c of the Olympics and football.  
The only thing that helped with mine was rolaids and not eating peanut butter before bed. 
Will she stay in her room if you tell her she doesn't have to go to sleep?  Unless she's exhausted beyond the point of reason my 3.5 y/o needs to wind down in her room.  Sometimes she'll play with books and toys for 10 minutes and then crawl into bed, but sometimes it's 2 hours before she's ready for sleep.  I'm fine with that, but the rule is she has to stay in her room unless she has to pee or needs more water.  If she keeps coming out to ask me things or I find her...
We have a no gap bed rail.  Wal-Mart sells them and they're pretty cheap.  http://www.safety1st.com/usa/eng/Products/Home-Safety/Bed-Rails/Details/1907-09022-Secure-Top-Bed-Rail   I don't see how anyone could get stuck.  It does make making the bed a pita though so I just stopped making it and took it completely off when the sheets had to be changed.
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