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I absolutely love this video. I've watched it three times to let it soak in. Preach it, woman!:    http://youtu.be/Icxxd34o8cU   Sam Wilde is also an author of two comic novels about motherhood, for those looking for a good new Mama read!  This Little Mommy Stayed Home and I'll Take What She Has   Had to share! Amy
Buko, sorry you all have to go through this--it's so hard to watch one's baby get so upset!     The things that have soothed Cian the most are the loud shh-ing (yes, ala Happiest Baby) and even more so, keeping him swaddled during the diaper change.  A swaddle like the velcro-style SwaddleMe things are great for this. With the ones that contain the legs, you can pop just the legs out to do the diaper change.  They also make ones that are two-piece, with a sleep sack...
What a beautiful girl!  And what a birth story! Congratulations, KellyBeth!
Way to go HouseOfPeace!  Nothing better than your new baby gazing into your eyes. Enjoy your baby bliss!
Mila is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Congratulations, Mama!!  
What a lovely birth story!  Congratulations on having your natural labor, on taking such good care of your postpartum self with a generous baby moon period.  And most of all, congratulations on your baby girl! Welcome Margot Jane!
Congratulations!  Welcome Judah!  Hugs and healing to you, Mama.
Congratulations!  Beautiful name!!
Good luck, Catie, I'm sorry things haven't been working. 
Woah, that's a big baby!  SOOOOO adorable, congratulations!!!!
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