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I went to Disney for the first time when I was 23 and it was amazing. I had so much fun in those few days and I still smile over the memory. I never went as a child because my family never went on vacations. I will definitely be taking my children.
Check out this awesome tutorial: http://montessoribyhand.blogspot.com...-tutorial.html
When my DS was an infant and we lived in a cold space I just bundled him warmly. I would have him in a onesie with a sleeper over it, and a Halo sleep sack over that. The sleep sack was fleece and kept him warm. It was harder for me. I slept in long sleeve tops, and would burrow down so that my face was parallel with DS's. That way my lower half could be under the covers.
Quote: Originally Posted by MLinPDX I'm fairly pro-helmet for kids, but is an ill-fitting helmet still better than no helmet at all? I would think that lender helmets would probably not be fitted for each kid that borrows one. Most of the helmets we have work with visiting children because they have a dial on the back that you use instead of velcro pads like the cheaper helmets do. Adjusting the chin strap only takes a minute. It's usually...
My kids always wear a helmet. Even on trikes. I figure it's best to get them in the habit early, ya know? I have a couple spare helmets and when kids come over I hand them a helmet as well. They almost always put them on but I am dealing with younger kids (3-5 years) so they are pretty good about following a grown ups rules. If an older child refused I would probably let it go, unless they were doing something a little more dangerous like tricks on a Razor scooter. ...
Yikes, it's embaressing and crazy how much these things cost. With DS we had it at the Bishop Museum - about 100 people. We had to pay for the site fee, catering, a band, entertainment (my MIL hired a clown who did balloon animals and face painting), drinks, favors, centerpieces, decorations, OMG!! It was crazy. I kind of had fun though because I didn't have a big wedding so I enjoyed the planning process. My DS was born in Seattle so this was also a big deal because...
I used Wedela on DS when he was younger and I use it with DD now. Both children really like it. When I went to the store to buy it a few weeks ago they were out so I bought Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry flouride free. DD seems to like it or at least hasn't complained. Interesting because DS didn't like the Toms of Maine at all the one time I bought it for him. I ended up giving the tube away.
Quote: Originally Posted by cinnamongrrl I posted on the other tonsil thread, my 6 yo had hers out because they were huge, she had sleep apnea, was underweight, had trouble eating when they swelled up, etc. Tonsils are part of the immune system but in my dd's case because they were so huge and blocking her throat when she slept, they were causing her to be sleep deprived and sick all the time. And so in this case, they were actually weakening her...
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