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It's really so hard to know before it's time to test because I (and others)  can have symptoms that make you swear you're pregnant (nausea, vomiting, crampy, fatigue, etc.), only to find it was just caused by the hormones during that phase of your cycle. It is super frustrating.  ...and just because you're body does something out of the ordinary doesn't necessarily mean it's pregnancy either.  Sometimes a randomly strange cycle just happens for no discernible...
I'm wondering if anyone has any information on the safety of painting with oil and acrylic paint while pregnant.  I've done my best with google, but I don't feel like I was able to find anything solid.  I've looked at MSDS sheets but I'm just not sure what is safe or unsafe for pregnancy, since pregnancy isn't addressed specifically on there.   My situation is that I share a studio space with an oil painter and I use acrylics.  The room is small and not very well...
Thanks!  I wasn't aware of that.  For some reason I was just assuming that the pain meant the egg was being released....but a quick google search brought up lots of women asking about O pains in relation to ovulation, and it is quite variable.  I was worried this morning when my temp didn't rise because I was assuming that I O'd yesterday, but now I know some women don't ovulate until a few days after the pain, so that makes me feel better.  
Is it too late to BD tonight if I felt my ovulation pain this afternoon?   Thanks!
Are there any tests for sensitivities? Do regular doctors not do the IGG test?     We suspect a gluten sensitivity for my son, and we've kept him off of it for the last 6 months or so,.... but when he ends up having a bite of something (like bread) we don't see any reaction.    We think my husband has a gluten sensitivity and he says that he thinks the sensitivity seems to be cumulative.  So, if he has a little here and there, it's okay....but if he has it...
We did a blood test when my son was a around 15 months to check for allergies, as a possible trigger to his eczema.  It showed that he wasn't allergic to anything.     His eczema is still a problem at age 2 1/2 and I'm wondering if we should re-do the tests, if there's a certain test that I should make sure we do (what is it called?), and if I should see a special doctor (like an allergy specialist?)     Thanks!
luckiest:  I'm totally on board with the naturopath philosophy.  I think getting to the root of problem instead of masking symptoms is great. I'm a believer in natural supplements, nutrition, and wholistic health...but for some reason homeopathy does not make sense to me.    ...and in this case giving my son a spoonful of alcohol everyday for three months, to help his liver deal with toxins supposedly contributing to his eczema, does not make sense at...
A friend has a new adopted baby who is not doing well with formula, and she's looking into obtaining donor milk.   Where should she look?     Thanks
Burdock, yellowdock, dandelion, & oregon grape.  ...and alcohol, but I'm not sure exactly what kind.   She mixed it herself while I was there today.  It seems like it might be homemade because there are little particles in it.
If anyone has any links with some good info, I'd love to read it!   thanks in advance.
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