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Teething was my first thought too.   I know it's so hard to remember, but with little ones, so many things are just a passing phase.  Even their "littleness" is just a phase in the grand scheme of things.     For your sanity, do you think he would like sucking on a pacifier?  My boy finds his pacifier very comforting during teething.  He also wakes more at night, and usually wants milk more than usual.  (we've been working on some 2 year molars these...
How old is your little guy?
Those are all great comments so far.  It could be the return of your cycle, pregnancy, or an infection (like thrush or staph).  My advice would be to talk to a local lactation consultant.  I think that could be really helpful in your situation.  Let me know if you need any help finding one.
I would say that it really depends on the age and appetite of your baby and even the time of day.  It also changes from woman to woman, based on your storage capacity.  (How much room you have to store milk between a feed)  Women with a smaller or larger storage capacity can make the same amount of milk, it's just that they will have more or less milk at each feeding/pumping session.  A women with less storage capacity just ends up feeding more times in a day compared to...
I can relate.  :)   I felt unexpectantly nervous before mine. It was like, "alright.  I guess I'm really doing this."    I hope it's a great experience for you.
Any recommendations for books that talk about helping children with the transition of having a new baby join the family?    
I think a really quick and easy way to go could be a blog through Blogger.  The main page would be a blog, and then you can add additional information pages for info about yourself, your rates, etc.   Your URL would be  www.what ever you want.blogspot.com  ...but later you could link it up so that when you type in something like www.raincitydoula.com  it will go straight to your blog page.  To give you an idea, I've used that method to make a page for my art (and I'm...
Well, that's good to hear.  I'm curious if everyone feels that way.  If you don't, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
I'm looking to find other doulas in my area for networking, back-up, referring clients to each other, etc.    I'm working on certifying through DONA and didn't see any doulas on their directory in my town, so I thought I'd search other organizations.  ...and then the thought occurred to me, do doulas from various organizations work together, or do they typically stay within their own certifying organization?  I'm very new on the scene and didn't want to commit any...
I'm a new postpartum doula, working on my certification through DONA.  I would love to connect with any doulas (birth or postpartum, through any organization) in my area (I'm in McMinnville).  Reply below or PM me and let me know that you're here.  :)
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