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I posted under Question 6! Of course, I had already liked both pages eons ago :)
Both are now liked on Facebook
Would love to try this!
Anyone have brand recommendations? I might need to order on amazon since it will arrive faster than me getting to the store!! Anyone have recommendations for brands for lactation aides? Fenugreek, blessed thistle, mothers milk, etc. I will be trying again to EBF after breast reduction and reconstruction surgeries.
I've narrowed it down but still haven't felt the "that's it" feeling..   Jasper Merle Jasper Guy Jasper Dean   Tucker Merle Tucker Dean   Sawyer Merle Sawyer Dean      Our girls names, which there is only a 25% chance of using!   Mallory Joy Mallory Marshelle Mallory Lorain
Thanks :) I like Jasper too, even if it was used in Twilight hee hee    I stumbled upon Sawyer today and think I might like that one too. I like that it has a literary connotation like our others. Caelan (Sir Kay from King Arthur), Westley (Princess Bride), and Atticus (To Kill a Mockingbird).   I've sent out an email to my aunt, the family historian, to make sure that Dean and Guy weren't horrid people lol!
Boys names are the toughest for us ... so of course we are trying to name our FOURTH boy!! LOL   We have narrowed it down to:   First Names    Jasper    Tucker    Fletcher    Mercer    Ezra   Middle Names (family name)    Merle (my grandpa's name and his birthday is one of the due dates)    Guy    Dean   DH and eldest DS like Jasper Guy, I like the sound of Tucker Dean but DH thinks it is too country. I'd love to use Merle but I think it...
Sent a request. It's hard for me to be active on here but I'm hoping the Facebook group will be easier!
I'm still terrified about telling either of our parents!!
EDD: March 11th (My Grandpa's Birthday!) Your Name: Jess, Jessie, or Jessica or Lubrarian at work Age: 32, birthday on October Fool's Day State or Country: FL .. very sad about this right now How long it took to you to get your BFP: Totally not trying! Didn't try for any of our children! I was on birth control pills for my first, BC pills and condom for our twins, and IUD for this one! What number child is this for you: This will be #4 and...
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