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I did manage to find a doctor I really like at the UT Family Wellness Center, which is specifically for people on public assistance or without insurance.  Dr. Naomi Hanser is amazing - exactly the kind of doctor you want to see when you need one.    I also called some of the CommUnity Care Clinics and they do accept new patients, although the ones I called had really long wait lists to get in.   
I just started GAPS (I'm on day 3 of the intro diet), and this is just the thread I was hoping to find!      I went on it because after I stopped being a vegetarian about 4 months ago all sorts of food sensitivities started cropping up, with more appearing every few days.  I had been wanting to start for a while, but knew DH would be ... unenthusiastic, to say the least.  Well, now he's out of town for 10 days, so I took the plunge!  I figure I should be on Stage 2...
Another one I really like is Damaris.  It's a Biblical name; she was converted by Paul in the Acts of the Apostles and became a church leader along with her husband. 
Every few hours after the procedure she'd say her teeth hurt, so I'd give her an OTC pain reliever and she'd be fine.  She only mentioned them hurting for the first day or so after the procedure.   ETA: She had the front top four teeth removed and several caps put on.
I always thought it was awesome that two of my (half-Chinese) cousins are named Freya and Thor. 
We went in for the procedure on July 5th, and it really couldn't have gone better.  The worst part was having to be there at 5:30 AM!    The medicine to sedate her before they took her in made her a little loopy, and she would keep looking at DH and breaking into giggles - so funny. The nurse took her away lying down in a well-cushioned wagon and gave her some stickers and star-shaped sunglasses, which she got a kick out of. They brought her back before she woke up...
Wouldn't that get some interesting reactions!      I love Ira or Frank for a boy and Imogen or Marianne for a girl - they're old-fashioned, which I really like, but they also sound hip and modern.  Unfortunately I very much doubt DH would go for any of them, and since I already have a daughter named Eleanor I absolutely refuse to name a second daughter Marianne (especially since I love Jane Austen). 
Yes, I completely understand and relate as well.  My 2.5-year-old has significant decay on her top 4 teeth as well, and we're going to the dentist for a consult on Wednesday.  I'm sure they'll suggest caps under GA, which like you is absolutely NOT what I want to happen.    I've tried everything I can except for Green Pastures cod liver and butter oil which I've heard great things about but can't freaking afford.  Now I think I see a cavity forming on one of her bottom...
Hello!  I moved to Austin a while ago and recently had to sign up for Medicaid.  I've looked through as many of the doctor recommendation forums I could find, but either none of them accept Medicaid or they only do so for existing patients.  Can any other Austin moms who use it tell me who they see?  I'm living just west of the Mopac, and just north of the river.    Thanks!
Mine has been spending a lot of time with my SIL lately.  Once when DD was taking off her pants to go bottomless (which is how she prefers to be when at home) my SIL told her "That's OK, pants are overrated."  Now whenever DD takes off her pants she informs us that pants are overrated. 
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