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...but they are all quacks! /sarcasm end I bet every single one has a page on quack watch. All of them face staunch opposition and name calling. They are ruthlessly 'denounced' as we can't have 'real' doctors ever have as much as a sliver of doubt?!? 37. Dr Deborah Bain.
Luckily my current doctor respects parental choice. She doesn't even carry combos when it's possible (aka no 5in1 or 4in1, only Dtap, ipv, mmr, chickenpox, hepb or hepa separately). She also agrees that there are too many boosters and supported us starting after 2 (when I said we are going for 3 dtaps she agreed that most people will get sufficient titers from it). No fighting over titers, she orders them when I ask. :D   Now, when I talked to the other doctors.... There...
I'd like to point out that I never caught cp as a kid and received the vaccine four times as an adult. I have no antibodies. Btw as sad as it is, there will be people dying from all sorts of infections. Like the common cold. Dying from cp as a child is extremely rare. More common in adults. Still I don't tell herd immunity that would supposedly protect me. It's not my call to make.
The media here will be like... Crickets. None of this will make it over here. Maybe a piece about the doctor being a quack. Anybody who dares to even slightly doubt the efficacy if any vaccine is a quack. That's how it works if you speak up against the dogma in the infallible church of vaccines.
Awesome. I love the vodka comparison. Lol. Where do all those blogs/opinion pieces come from lately? There seems to be a real push for them. (You guys know I'm select delay. But the people who wrote those articles and blogs consider everybody a threat who doesn't do the full cdc schedule on time cause of 'precious' herd immunity. We are all in the same boat as far as those rude and clumsily put together attacks go. I even read a hate piece that mentioned select delayers...
We spread it out more. Is meningococcal recommended at that age in Canada? Here it is for teenagers. You can do mmr and run titers at least 4 weeks later. We do 3 dtaps (we are at two), 3 ipv (the third after the 4th birthday), one hib (at two) and one mmr. We did mmr at nearly five and just after two because we stayed in Europe for two months. So next up is the third dtap. A month later second ipv and then dd will not get more until she's four. Ds will get the third ipv...
I don't even know where to begin: the vaccine gets overwhelmed? Bahahahahahaha. Correct statement: even two doses don't necessarily illicit an immune response with adequate titers. Fixed that for you, Reuters.So instead of drawing the freakishly obvious conclusion that the mumps vaccine isn't very effective and needs some serious research we will just say even if one person is unvaccinated it will render everybody's mumps vaccines overwhelmed and it won't work. Totes, yeah.
Which leads me to believe the whole debate is in no way about children nor humans, but merely a power play.   Also, there were sources that said it is more expensive to make a combination MMR over single doses. I have no problem with Merck making money, not at all, and actually welcome if they'd resume the single vaccines. I would have chosen a single measles after the age of two before our Europe trips but instead did nothing until 4.8a/28 months. The monovalent shots...
How this is news - the journalist is either a circumfetish or plain stupid and lazy for not fact checking. Brian Morris is known to be a circumfetish-creepo. Read up on him. How any sane person could ever quote that CREEP is beyond me.
Lol. Yes it is. The cdc schedule is the nonplusultra epitome of vaccine scheduled. All other countries employ dumb quack scientists who are actually anti science and should be prosecuted for not being like Offit.
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