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My son is 3 and recently started a two day program in the primary class of a montessori school. He loves it so far and looks forward to going. I sat with him one day and noticed the teacher wouldn't allow some of the students to play or work on projects that they hadn't had a lesson on. like my son and another boy wanted to play with the number bead bars but the teacher was very stern and told them they had to work on something else. this sort of rubbed me the wrong way....
Quote: Originally Posted by olien DS is almost 22mo & I have a 6wk DD. I read UP, these boards for a while & now reading Raising Our Children/Ourselves. I 'get' the concept of GD, but find it so hard to put it into practice, especially when DH is CONSTANTLY telling me to hit him. It makes me second guess the way I want to parent my DC. Not that I want to hit, but DS's behavior doesnt seem to be improving much & the few times DH has hit DS the behavior...
Quote: Originally Posted by caned & able Send her a picture of Ian. http://www.wiseupjournal.com/?p=937 This poor child never was able to go home. He received one shot and died from the reaction, six weeks later... ...poor baby boy! One scare tactic deserves another. I suggest you ignore her and go on with your life. Your children are healthy. Enjoy them and ignore her. Holy cow...I'm crying...that is so utterly sad that I...
So funny I found this thread..Just got done decorating the house and cleaning up since we are celebrating my son's birthday in the morn. I'm SOOO excited I love this age, seriously. Everything that comes with it, I'm so ready. Oh, and I'm semi happy about the fact I'm going to eat cake tomorrow. I haven't had birthday cake in soo long Happy birthday to everyone else's babies! Guess we can't call them that anymore
Really strange! Please keep up updated.
Oh wow, I didn't know those things could be such a hazard! Reading this thread just made my cringe...we are potty training so maybe i should switch to a slow close seat as well. Yikes!
Yes, I'm actually scared of the measles. DS isn't vaccinated but this is one disease I worry about. Not so much the death statistics, but just that he may get it bad enough to end up brain dead and paralyzed. No idea if I will do the MMR or not (wanted to do a dose of attenuvax but Merck stopped making it, and not sure i want to do 'all, or nothing'). But yeah. PS. yes, I make sure he eats things that are high in vitamin A.
Why oh why is it always "parents won't vaccine due to fear of autism". No, not really.
i will! thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by kjbrown92 You can develop an intolerance at any time. But it seems strange that vomiting would be the only symptom. Start a food journal and see if it's only after certain things? You mentioned that it was only when he drank - is it when he drinks anything? or something specific? I'm just saying if it is reflux, then it's a probably a food intolerance, because barring a physical defect, which it seems a little late for,...
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