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how old was your LO when you transitioned to a toddler bed? is it better to do an actual toddler bed or switch to a full size bed? how long should one expect to use a toddler bed before having to switch to a full size? as of right now we are still co-sleeping with our 19mo...did anyone find that LO wanted to sleep in their room after switching to a toddler bed? wishful thinking? haha.
I think everyone is sort of scared when their child is that young. After so much research you start to feel more confident. I will be the minority here and say that not vaxing isn't for everyone. Some people have a hard time understanding the research. Whatever decision you make, not vaxing, or selective/delay, or fully vaxing, make it an educated decision.
My 18 mo old DS and I were at the park earlier today. A boy about 3 walked up and started showing me this stick he found and how it was his gun, showed me where the bullets came out of. I said that's nice...sarcastically, and tried to change the subject. Then he mentioned that he also used it to cut people in half..and began making shooting noises. His mom sat close by but didn't seem to care at all. DS just looked at me all confused. It was such an awkward...
That slant would bother the heck out of me, Not sure if it's safe or not so hopefully someone knows more about that. I would think as along as there is a solid install and no movement on the beltpath then it would be ok. Why not install it to one side or the other so that way you won't have that problem? It would kill my back removing an infant from the middle of the car, i always did one side since it was easier in and out.
There is a Mercedes that can sense when you are about to be in a vehicle crash, and it will automatically start rolling the windows up to prepare for the crash...so that made me think maybe the windows do offer some type of safety during a crash.
Sorry if this is a silly question. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately and I have been wanting to ride with my windows down more often. I was always under the impression that in the event of a car accident, it's much safer for the windows to be rolled up during. Is that true? Is it better to just keep them up just in case? Or would it be ok to roll the driver and passenger's window down and leave the back windows up? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquesce I realize I'm likely to get flamed for this, but if this is a recurrant kind of situation it sounds like your family might benefit from some family and/or individual therapy. I agree...That just doesn't sound in the realm of normal, healthy behavior to me.
haha i wonder how big this thread will get. i think for me, it's people who brag about how they never baby proofed their house. i dont think i could spend my whole day scolding my son for trying to open cabinets with dangerous objects, stick his fingers in sockets, and run into sharp corners of the table. it's nice just being able to let my DS roam the house without major worries like that, i dont see how other moms do it.
Yeah our in laws and even my family know, if it's not morning or afternoon to late afternoon, we won't be there.
Some people think the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks. Why feel guilty about your husband working to manufacture a vaccine that some people truly want, regardless of your beliefs for your own family? I know thats hard to think about, but honestly I would be more concerned with an income than someone else's vax status. They are capable of making their own decisions, just like you did. If that's what they want, that's what they want. Just take a deep breath. I'm...
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