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DS dropped down to 1 nap a day around 9 months. Maybe yours is just ready for that? Try a later bedtime, that way he will wake up later in the morning, you will have more time to get out and do stuff, then he will probably take a really good afternoon nap.
18 month DS says 'thank you' anytime you hand him something he wants or asks for, but he learned by example. Any time he has ever brought me a toy, even a soggy mushed up chunk of cookie and put it in my hand, i've always said 'thank you'. It was never forced onto him, just something he picked up be watching us.
Solids are NEVER to take the place of BM or formula the first year. You will be risking your child's health.
DS's food preferences change as he teethes and cuts new teeth. Yep, totally did this with molars. What really stinks is when they won't eat ANYTHINNNGGG.:
Quote: Originally Posted by KristyDi Hi, I have a 20lbs 17 month old DD. I have 2 main thoughts. 1. Was he recently or is he still breastfed? If so I would suggest you plot his weight on the WHO's breastfed baby charts. They are different from the standard charts most dr's use. My dd plots right around the 50% line from birth on on the WHO charts and was at the 97%tile at 6 months and dropped to around the 10% line at a year on the dr's...
I don't think it effects height at all, DH DS and I have all drank cows milk and we are all VERY short.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alyantavid It looks like he could use some more fat. Put some coconut oil and tahini in the smoothie, for fat and protein. Does he like avocado? You can add coconut oil to lots of things and he'll never notice. I'm assuming he's nursing? If not, definitely full fat milk. Does he like cheese? That's a good snack too. He doesn't like avocado, or cheese sticks. He will eat cheese in the form of grilled cheese...
I have a 18 month old DS who is about 21 pounds which places him in the 5th percentile. He has dropped at every appointment since birth. His diet, in my opinion is pretty good, while i don't think he eats ENOUGH of what i give him. Here are some examples. Breakfast, some type of carb (waffle, french toast, toast, pancake) spread with food processes dates, almonds and flaxseeds (or sometimes i roll it into balls and he just eats it like that alongside) some type of fruit,...
'la lola' (granola) 'la loon' (balloon)
Right here. Well actually he is turning 18 months on Monday, and the sleep regression started about 2 months ago. The past 3 nights he has been STTN again, but I don't know if those are just flukes or not. Sigh. I seriously think it's growth spurt related and on top of the molars coming in.
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