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DS was formula fed, not vaccinated. He's going on 2years and has never been sick outside of a runny nose due to allergies in the spring time.
My 17 month old will call a turtle 'teedle'. I just melt. :
We life Raffi over here!
So what happens at 4 then? lol
Poor baby! I would just watch out for infection, we used tea tree oil on DS lip when he busted it. I swear they heal so quickly though!
I know I can't be the only one. DS was a decent sized baby, at 6lb 11oz. He is now 17 months, only 20lbs and very short. I always get looked at like I'm crazy when I tell another mom how old he is. There was another mom on the playground awhile back who had a 12 month old that was bigger than my DS. He's still in 0-3 size swimshorts, the 12-18 month swim shorts FIT but they are pretty loose. His development has been amazing. Crawled at 6 mo, Walked at 10mo, has a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g both my kids do this when they are excited or see something they think is cool. :
Not sure how old your LO is, But I've always noticed DS goes through phases like that when he is teething, he will just not tolerate things in his mouth like that. I would try an electric spin brush (5 dollars) and see if he likes that better. I know that made a world of difference for us.
DS was like that when he was in his infant seat, it got alot better when we switched to a convertible, but let me tell you I know the hell you speak of and I felt like a total hostage who couldn't leave the house. So, big hugs. Have you tried snacks? Snacks are key sometimes. I know alot of people with screamers, who once they were FF did fabulous. If your LO's height and weight are enough I would consider FF and just see if it helps, it may not.
We have to do a bedtime snack because we eat dinner early. We eat dinner at 4, do a snack around 6 or 7, then he gets some milk before bed and we lay down about 8:30 or so. He seems to do well like that, but wakes for water here lately.
New Posts  All Forums: