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I think my 16mo old is night waking again because we are all crammed on a queen sized bed (just me, dh and ds). It's getting so frustrating. We started co-sleeping when he was around 9 months and that was dreamy because he was such a small baby. Now he is huge (tall). DS lays in between DH and I, but he is all over the place and it leaves very little room for us. I'm just so tired the past few morning because DS can't seem to get comfortable or we toss and turn alot...
My DS is 16mo and will do this sometimes. He will look like he wants to cry but just looks at me and says 'no' and shakes his head, so i leave him be. when it really hurts, he will let me know and i will go pick him up and comfort. We don't really say anything when he falls down, because when we freak out, he freaks out. I would hang back, and give her a moment. I think if she is truly distressed and needs you, she will let you know. It may not have hurt as bad as it...
Are chiros even educated in the area of diagnosing autism? I'd hate to say this about any chiro, but could they just be trying to scare you into treatments? I would take my son to a pediatrician for his opinion if you are truly worried about it.
Just a suggestion, but can you wear him on your back til he falls asleep to nap? I wear 16mo DS in a beco on my back around naptime and while he is back there and clean the kitchen until he falls asleep. Then I just take him out and put him down. But yeah, DS has been nightwaking 3 nights out of the week but he is mostly just thirsty..I think. He only wakes up once, so I'm hoping it's just growth spurt related and will pass. :
Quote: Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom I actually dont' see this as bad, but a learning opportunity. If she has to earn the money somehow, and then saves it up, and then discarding what she bought with it and has no money left for the obsession dujour, that's an opportunity for her to learn to be a careful consumer. I think it's a hard lesson for parents to let children learn though. It's difficult to say "Sorry hon, you can't have that because you...
haha this just turned into the best thread ever. love everyone's nicknames.
It sounds like you are concerned, why not just talk to your ped and possibly have him evaluated to put your mind at ease?
I say, get her what she will like and play with. I wouldn't worry too much about what it's made out of. I don't know how much money and time i've spent on picking out wooden toys, only for my son to hate them because they are so heavy and don't work well. And actually, I would say wooden is more 'dangerous'. My son chunked a heavy wooden car at my head and it left a nasty goose egg. Sigh.
Aw, poor FIL. I think I would let him buy them, It sounds to me like he would just like the kids to have something really cool/fun that he wishes he could have had as a kid? I don't see anything wrong with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by rightkindofme It's an open cup. We don't want to have to deal with training her out of the bad habits developed with a sippy cup later. Bad habits? Like what?
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