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Oh, and he also has a lovely that is a turtle. Sometime she will forget it in a room and when he comes back in he will scream 'TEEEEEDLE!!!!' and grab and hug him like he hasn't seen him in days. I can't wait until he can talk like everyone elses' LOs.
These are all so great. My DS is only 16 months so i don't have anything super funny yet. I do remember the first time he said cookie though...He was babbling some words he just learned and I said "Cannon, you are such a smart cookie!" a few seconds later he said very gently "cooooooookieeeee?". He loves animal crackers, those are his 'cookies'.
Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate DS thinks the dog is hilarious. Not just cute, HILARIOUS. She'll be sitting there, minding her own business and he'll walk in the room, and just bust-out-omg-you're-tickling-me-stop-it laughing. For no reason. That is just too funny
Siiiigh I love this thread. DS can't handle rough housing of ANY kind, If he sees DH and I tickling or playing rough with each other he FREEEEAKS OUT and starts screaming. Haha, Even if I'm laughing and telling him we aren't hurting each other he still thinks we are in distress and comes to break it up. Same goes for soap operas. I like watching Days sometimes, and there was a girl on there who got kidnapped and he was crying so hard...I had to turn it off. Poor...
Just routine check up, with a iron test. That is done by a toe prick if I remember correctly.
We gently tell him no, and if that doesn't work we give him crushed ice, or an apple. Pretty much anything that involves alot of teeth to chew up...he loves that. I guess sometimes they just want to put those teeth to work on something, haha.
Aw, how hard. Sigh...I have no advice. Just that my son is 16 mo and when he turned 1, I started going to the gym for and hour or 2 a few times a week while he stayed with my husband. It was so hard at first, but each time I came home he was so happy playing with my husband that he didn't even miss me. Maybe she is really enjoying her time with grandma.
Try Kate Quinn organics. They have really neutral stuff for babies. We were the same way. There was some stuff I liked, but for the most part I just thought all of it was ugly.
Aw, the first bump is always the hardest. First of many though! Don't do anything to it as putting any kind of pressure on it may make it more uncomfortable. Just leave it alone and make sure no one bumps it. It will probably be gone by morning.
Have you considering any health issues that may be making it so hard for him to sleep at night? An ear infection, silent reflux, teething, food allergy? I would say if you feel like starting solids would help, just be slow. I know for my DS, solids didn't do crap to help him sleep better. It's best to wait 6 mo but seriously, if it helps him sleep, and in return YOU get sleep and are rested, everyone is going to be in a better mood. I don't care if I get flamed for...
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