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My sd will call her dad by his first name at age 12...just because she's looking for a reaction (and she has no repercussions for how she treats him).  I agree that the teenagers are looking for you to make the right choices FOR them when they are unable to logically come to the right choice themselves.  The brains aren't fully formed, remember.  I keep reminding myself that my job is to keep them safe and model decent and logical behavior.    I agree to use whatever...
Well, it sounds like your husband needs to file a contempt for the custody order, then put in a modification for change to the custody order. The clerk at the courthouse will provide you with the paperwork. Ask for as much time as possible, and the judge is able to order counselling.  If you can document any of this, do it & present to judge.  Be prepared to return many times.  Wishing you love & light in protecting your little one.
This issue is always on my head.  I'm the caretaker/tutor for a family with younger kids, and also have kids of my own that are older.  I do feel that the general philosophy of attachment parenting extends to schooling, though, of course, its not a laundry list of ideals you need to check off.       My kids' eduational experiences have been fantastic, and I feel like it all happened in such a great gradual way, which was my attempted philosophy of attachment...
Thanks mamas. This is exactly the experience I was looking for. My BF has had v for over 9 years so that is good that it still can be reversed. I just wanted some true life stories---maybe reassurance that I'm not totally silly for dreaming about this! HWTM, what is cheaper? Can you give me an idea of range of $$
We are tossing it around for a possibility...if anyone has BTDT stories...Would it if you share
and many many thanks
2 hours, argh.
Wow I feel so honored to have you care. It is so good to have this community to search out the most positive options for our children, ourselves. I honestly don't think I would be the person I am today without the mamas here. We are stronger together. Thank you.
Dealing with trying to transition from a lifestyle of abuse and addiction (i was so an enabler) to a stronger one with family support and strength. Custody hearing wraps up tomorrow. Please send any hope you have left over, prayers, thoughts, anything you think might help. TIA :
Even *I* am hoping that my boyfriend's vasectomy reverses itself must be something in the water.
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