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Quote: Originally Posted by tinybutterfly TB ( who has also rented The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and The Return of the Killer Tomatoes...several times. : ) THOSE ARE THE BEST MOVIES EVER!!! I love em!
Annakiss, the reason why we have a second child is to make the FIRST child take care of them. Start training your first child to change diapers, cook dinner, and wipe his own butt, while you sit back eating bonbons. : Did I mention I suck at advice? :LOL Anyway, I know it looks huge right now. With my first child, my dh went to Alaska to work on a crab processing boat (long story) so I was totally alone with a new baby...I was seriously overwhelmed. When...
It said Milwaulkie, OR (???where the hell is that) for me Also Eugene, I've already lived there & it...but want to eventually move to east coast (my folks & brother are there) So it also recommended Northhampton, MA (which we were already considering) and Brattleboro, VT...my dh thinks Vermont sounds fun. Don't move to Aberdeen WA or Sonora CA (last 2 places I've lived) Trust me!
whoohoo mangomama & earthchick congrats on your progress. And to scrapadoozer & earthchick dealing with hospitals...Why is it that the hardest place to get healthy food is a frickin' hospital??? My son had an appendectomy & I had to bring all his food from home. And they wouldn't let him sleep. so "healthcare" means crappy food & no sleep? Britishmum, I gotta totally relate with you on the childhood thing. My mom was not a weigher, but she would relentlessly...
Whoohoo! As a new member to seniordom myself, I welcome you!
I just picture you all in your underwear.
Thanks for your energy, mamas. I hope things'll get better too! It's just that this hectic life thing isn't for me. :LOL I need that time to see & feel that my dh is a good man...I just don't get the time anymore...so I don't feel the closeness...so I don't get turned on by him. I read all the time that women are 'emotional' thinkers, whatever that means, and it's starting to have some meaning for me. It's just that I miss him being my best friend, we used...
I totally remember the feel like puking feeling. It all seems so serious & crazy, all these papers & numbers...but in the end, it's just a little dance just like everything else. Yeah, you wanna get rid of that PMI as soon as you humanly can. Our payment on 86,000 was 925 for a year & a half, until we refinanced, got cash out & then got rid of the pmi, payment not much lower but it would've been if we didn't get 50,000 in cash. Now we're signing papers on monday...
But where do we go to Edit our Senior Member Title?
How about "sherple" kind of a cross between "sheeple" and "nerple"? I call all women 'mama'. because even if they aren't ACTUALLY mothers, it makes em sound like Harley bikers.
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