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I hear ya. I'm so finishing my teaching credential...as...we...speak.....argh!
I need to kick myself to get back to this! I lost over 80 pounds when I did this before, then I got...um...lazy? stressed? It dawned on me that it affects my attitude when I'm overweight--I'm tired, dragging, do unhealthy things, feeling sorry for myself. Right now I'm about 30 pounds above where I'd like to be by the end of the summer. I think I'm doing the plan again----today! right now! from this moment! here we go!! love to all you aspiring peoples!
I'd examine the logistics of driving 90 minutes every.day. That would blow it for me--I don't think you'll do it. I don't know your whole situation of course. I can say only this from experience. Kids don't want to 'decide' what to do, I didn't anyway. I don't think any child should be put in the "Who do you want to live with, Mommy or Daddy" situation. I was there, under the guise of a genial court system, and it sucked. I feel like money's not that grand in...
I so needed that Jster--Congratulations Mama--I'm 1 month away from my teaching credential--Send me some academic love, I'm freakin out!
Quote: Originally Posted by Limabean1975 Is this thread still on the original topic? Don't know if this one has been mentioned yet, but I used to think the INXS song lyric was "Every single WOMAN has the devil inside" and I got pretty rah-rah feminist about it, too, before someone informed me that it was "Every single ONE OF US". I totally did that too! Right down to the feminist part!
You smell great! I agree with the previous post, just tell her you want to be supportive & don't know how sometimes.
Maybe she's having issues herself? Talk to her?
LOL Stirringleaf love ya I wish I could come sub! I would LUUURVE a job like this...I'm in my last couple months of student teaching & am a sub...so just think--I'm actually ASPIRING to have your troubles! Seriously though, that is one of the most frustrating things that I come across--people that are not caring righteously for the kids. I am not the discipline queen--I teach 7th graders and they make me laugh more than I'm angry--I don't know what grade you're...
I think there's a big monkey brain in a jar somewhere thinking all this up. Hey, it gets me through--and makes as much sense as anything else!
Wow, a new term that suggests that us animals are varied in thought patterns?!? Say it isn't so! *gasp* we may need to stop labeling people into neat boxes?!? What else will I do with my time if I can't randomly differentiate people? PS Acannon, your post is so sweet and politically correct. What a great topic for discussion!
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