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There aren't stickies anymore. Now there are "wikis" and we can create and edit them. Most of the old stickies are gone, but some of them are around in the wiki form. I don't think the UC birth stories one is here.
I guess we just have different views of what is meant by "farm" and "in the city". I would never consider the Farm in the Zoo at Lincoln Park an actual "farm" and Grayslake is nowhere near Chicago. There are a few small community groups like City Farm - but after living in the middle of rural farming communities, the two simply don't compare. Not that they aren't an important and vital part of the community - just not what I would consider a "farm" they are more like...
Look in the "Birth Stories" forum. There are lots of UC birth accounts in there. It is in this Birth and Beyond category, first forum listed
OP, break the link. Why make more fodder for her snark?
Call Dr. Minkus. He is a ped on staff at Evanston and is very natural minded and parent-focused. He has always let me make ALL of my own decisions regarding my kid's healthcare. We don't vax or do routine labwork and he is very supportive. I would trust his opinion and it might be worth talking to him to see what he thinks. He has worked at Evanston for a long time and will be able to tell you what they will expect from you with regards to the testing., and what you...
First, there are no farms in Chicago. Way, way out in the burbs you might encounter one... but it's probably not organic and owned by Monsanto. Portland to Chicago is a HUGE change. I moved to Chicago from Oregon about 10 years ago (I grew up in Chicago and moved to Oregon when I was in my early 20s. I was in the Salem area and then up north by St. Helens). There is much less green space, the yards are much smaller and the traffic is exponentially worse. This city is...
I PMed you!
My 3 SILs are my best friends. I lucked out big time. They are the best family I could have ever asked for. Monarchgrrl, I am so sorry for your loss, and for having to deal with such a mean-hearted woman. I hope that you and your family are healing well.
DDs name is Kaya, pronounced with the sound like in "eye". EVERYONE calls her Kay-a like the sound in "okay". It drives me bonkers. I really didn't think it was such a hard name to pronounce! I was told recently by the medical assistant at the peds office that I "spelled it wrong" and that's why it is so hard to pronounce. Um, okay, really? How should I have spelled it, then?
I have had the Nook Color for about a year and it is by far my most favorite thing in the whole world!! I love it to pieces. I have never had any problems with it and the one time I contacted customer service online, I was answered promptly (within hours). I cannot recommend it enough.
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