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I have an Oshkosh boy's winter coat (great for snow or very cold weather) size 12 months. I also have a small lot of size 18 months girl's winter clothes including sweatshirts, long-sleeved dresses and long-sleeved shirts. Girl's Clothing Requested 11/23, Edited by TiredX2
My catheter stayed in until the next day and I was so glad it did! My recovery was hard and those first 24 hours were brutal - I did not get out of bed to walk until the day after the surgery (which is NOT standard procedure. They want you up asap.) I know so many women who had a fine recovery - not easy per se, but not hard either. Mine was harder than most and I am not sure why, but I do have some universal advice. Be kind to yourself. Accept help. Don't be afraid...
Has he had an opportunity to talk to someone other than you about his feelings? Maybe he could benefit from a one-on-one session with your OB to talk about some of his fears, frustrations and issues. Sometimes just talking it out is what can help the most. Other than that, maybe finding some happy, positive birth stories about c-sections for him to read might put his head in the right frame of mind. It absolutely does not need to be an unpleasant experience and maybe...
So glad to be here!!!
Congrats mama! Thank you for sharing your beautiful birth story!
Oh Nutella! That is one of my great weaknesses!! I could just scoop it out of the container and eat it all day DRUMROLL PLEASE!!! As of yesterday, I have officially made my goal weight of 120#!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then promptly set a new goal of 110! I am so darn proud of myself!
My babysitter has been an absolute asset to our family. She is creative, loving, engaged, and all-around wonderful! My kids (ages 2 and 4) ask for her all the time. I think it is just as important to expose them to other loving and safe adults as it is to get them involved in playgroups and the like.
Well, I have to politely disagree with you regarding this. Having worked in Ob/gyn, I have seen a couple of IUD removals that have been embedded and since you have (I assume) never removed one yourself, I don't think you would be the best judge of what a *normal* extraction would feel like - how much resistance is too much? What if you experience pain and/or excessive bleeding? As someone who is trying to conceive, I would think that having a professional remove it would...
This is what my family always calls me! I don't think I really live up to the term, though, I try!
This was me, too. Exactly. I have, however, gotten much better at making Mommy friends, albeit on a very small scale. I can also find a lot of joy in other little ones, but it took years of practice! I was terrified of kids until I had one (or three).
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