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An out of pocket ultrasound -the 20 week one - was around $600.
Do you find it to be way to '1950's June Cleaver' and not a good description of what today's mother/wife does? What does the word imply to you? If you are a SAHM, would you take offense if your DH (or DP) referred to you as a housewife? I tend to think that the term implies someone, without children, who does not work because they don't have to. I also think it has a bit of a derogatory lilt to it in our modern society, but I am not sure why. Thoughts?!
Woo-hoo!! Way to go, mama!! That is awesome news
I love Eliana and Esther - my DH vetoed both, though! I also love Channah, Yael (I think that was already mentioned) and Batya. I think the more "popular" Jewish names are all pretty - Rivkah, Leah, etc... Our DD is Chaya Rose and we call her "Kaya" with a hard K sound because most of my family and friends would never be able to pronounce her name properly, and we like the way Kaya sounds, too.
Oh mamas, I have been absent for so long! We started the fall with a round of terrible colds and lengthy recovery, but everyone seems to be healthy again. I have just been so busy trying to figure out how to live life with 3 children ages 4 and under. I am tired and spent!!! But, the good news is that I am 121#!!!!!!!! I am only 1 pound away from my goal!!! I would love to get down to 110 in the long-term, but I feel great where I am now and will hopefully continue...
Hope you are feeling better! I had a similar issue years ago and it was a viral infection with an auto-immune response. I was on high dose steroids and anti-inflammatory meds for a while. The worst part was that I had it in my eyes, too, so I had extremely limited vision for a couple of weeks. It took about a month to completely clear up, and I have never had a problem since. Good wishes for healing!
I agree with the previous posters. Please don't remove it yourself - call planned parenthood and see if they can get you in if your doctor can't. The risk of infection and injury is small but very real and if you are ttc you need to avoid potential serious health issues - especially with your reproductive organs.
Okay, I would set up an appointment with her in order to have a face to face discussion. Figure out how many prenatal appointments you have had and how much each one would be pro-rated at and then ask for the difference back. Hopefully you get it - though be prepared for a struggle. IMO, honesty is the best in this case and I would tell her (as I have done in the past with my midwife) that you are going to continue the pregnancy unassisted. There is no need to lie or...
Midwifery laws in Illinois are the pits. Only CNMs are "allowed" to practice. There are ways to get around this, however, if you are interested.
I had a c-section and two HBACs.
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