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I have available a Maya Wrap ring sling (olive green) and a black Moby wrap (stretchy). Maya Wrap Ring Sling requested 11/6, Edited by TiredX2 Black Moby Wrap requested 12/12, Edited by TiredX2
Run. I run nearly every day. It is my peace, it is my strength. Without it, my head would be a mess. It is glorious
Can you believe it's that time of year again??!! Adina is furiously working behind the scenes to get the 2011 Holiday Helper program up and running! Hopefully, we will begin taking applications for the families in need (FINs) next week and get everything set up shortly thereafter. Just to refresh your memory, Holiday Helpers is a program that we run every winter to help out the families here on MDC who are less fortunate or have had financial difficulties recently. ...
I simply wouldn't do it. I do not like getting in other's business like that.
The newish little iPod nano is great if he likes music (and if he works out or runs I would highly recommend it). There is a really great book called "Badass: The birth of a legend" by ben Thompson that is a historical account of super heros - from mythology to modern times. It is comical and factual. Love it! Very well written. A subscription to a magazine about something he is interested in but wouldn't necessarily get for himself. Some Jack Black or other "man" type...
I guess I am kind of confused. What is the harm in wishing a Jewish relative a happy new year? Is it just that you were "asked" to instead of doing it on your own? My MIL reminds me all the time to call our great-aunts and include them in our holiday wishes. It could be seen as pushy, but really , she's right - I should take a few minutes out to send blessings to those I don't see very often. It is easy to forget, but it can mean all the difference in the world to a...
Penstamon, you hit the nail right on the head. I agree with and completely understand everything you said. I have only the knowledge that this indeed will pass, but the next person to start a sentence with the word "someday" in my presence will get a frying pan to the back of the head. Sometimes I just want to jump up and down and shout, "but what about NOW!!??? I want to feel normal NOW!!!" Sigh... hugs, mama. I feel your angst.
Congrats mama! Sending you lots of sticky baby vibes!
01 was harder than 1-2 for sure. But 2-3 has been the hardest yet, especially since mine are all less than 2 years apart. I feel like I am running a daycare. In hindsight, I miss the days of peace when it was just DS1 and I hanging out and having fun.
Naptime? What's that?!
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