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we are back in the game, with a retrieval and transfer anticipated the week of november 28. wow, it's been a minute, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by alpha3760 Just a note of concern. I got a PM that is probably completely on the up and up, but it sort of creeped me out. It is probably not a good idea to pm people out of the blue to ask for pictures of their child because you are interested in that donor. You may be a perfectly awesome person with good intentions, but for all we know you are a pedophile collecting pictures of children. If you want contact with individuals...
hi everyone! i just wanted to give you guys and update. i haven't been chiming in because i have been trying to avoid worrying about the process, i guess... while i was gone we move to waiting to o and then waiting to know which turned back into waiting to o. this time, the doctor is testing DP for those blood clotting issues that keep pregnant people from staying pregnant i guess. i don't know. i know nothing about what is going on nor do i know where to start. what i...
when you transfer sperm from one REs office to another, does it need to travel with paper work or is the bank just looking for the vial itself? what if the sperm comes from another state? does the storage facility keep the paperwork that comes with each vial of sperm in case a transfer needs to occur?? i'm not really familiar with the process and looking for some insight.
please move us to waiting to O.
the test got more faint... but it's still not over. i don't know. i forgot how much this sucked.
Newbian Mama: irk. FF can be a pain in the ass. i hope it fixes itself soon! Lauren726: i think you have to play with the inseminations. so if you try and it doesn't work early, try again, and see if it works later. LibraryLady and AmandaHope: fingers crossed!!! Seraf: I've seen so many fedex mistakes turn into THE month! i hope the same rings true for you!! escher12: ttc is expensive. the only thing we did to scale back cost was one insemination a month,...
we are wondering though, because DP took at trigger shot 11 days ago (10,000). she took the booster trigger 5 days ago (2,500 - 5,000???). so we aren't sure if it's the hormone still left, or if she really is pregnant.... i don't like this unsure state... any tips? we are going to keep testing.
Edd 12/24/10
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